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Q2 Multiplayer What? You've never had a real multiplayer Deathmatch experience?
Well, you're in luck. We've made a section just for you. Head on over to the
Quake II Muliplayer Section soldier! Learn the basics of how to get yourself connected to an Internet server and see a list of some internet servers that you can connect to!

Have a technical question you need answered? Or maybe just some help with how to do something while playing Quake II? For starters, check the Quake II Manual on your harddrive.
Click on Start / Programs / Quake II / Quake II Manual.

If that doesn't answer your question, then head on over to Activision's Support Page .

Looking for the latest Quake II Patches? Visit our Hot New Stuff section for up to date id news and release information.


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PC Gamer UK says:
"The Best Game Ever!"

"Quake II is an object lesson in just how good shooters can be if you sit down and think about their design before writing a single line of code...and then have the vision and talent to pull of what you first envisaged."
"Best game ever!"

"Quake II is far and away their finest hour - everything about it oozes perfection."

"Plays like a dream from the first step to the last battle."

"Incorporates every single feature we could ever wish for and just for good
measure has added a thousand others."

"...basically the best experience ever to appear on a PC."

"It is id back at their best, revolutionizing the face of gaming."

"It will be a way of life for weeks."

"Quake II is an order of magnitude more involving than any previous shootermade by man."

"Load it on to your PC and you will instantly become obsessed."

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GameSpot Surveys Gamers

Q. Which Game will dethrone Quake?
A. Quake II of course.

Computer Gaming World

"For Your Eyes Only" Quake II Coverage.

Quake II: The Real Quake Killer ZDnet's CGW E3 Game Coverage:

“What we found was a bevy of fantastic-looking games spread throughout the genres, but the game we kept coming back to --the PC game with the biggest crowds at the show-- was id's QUAKE II. Without a doubt,
it was the
Game of the Show

Quake II: Best of Show
quake.gamers.com preview

"Quake 2 is going to do nothing less than leave jaws hanging open this November"

Quake II: Incredible. quake.gamers.com features

"Q2 visually and stylistically eclipses the likes of Unreal, Hexen 2, and Daikatana"

Quake II: Awe Inspiring


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