Salute To Ian

This portion of the page is dedicated in loving memory to Ian (look, I'm nice. I didn't even put your last name!) by Jennifer and Lindsay. A while back, Ian had a Nirvana page he felt deserved to be in the Anti-Titanic Webring. God only knows why, it was a Nirvana page after all. Somewhat similar to me writing a Nirvana Webring wanting my Star Wars vs. Titanic page to be in it. I thought it was probably just a fluke, someone trying to waste my time like most of the Titanic worshippers are, so I just hit the delete button without another thought. A couple days later, the emails began to come. The Ian Saga is far from over, I'm sure...tune in again...same Ian time, same Ian channel. If anyone knows Ian, or if you are Ian...please, do email me. We'd love to hear from you again! I really would like Ian to see this page but I do believe he has BLOCKED me from his email! Can you believe that? Yeah, I'm really sure that I'm still blocked out of his email. What a shame. On with email from Ian...with love from your greatest fans, Jennifer and Lindsay.

*Note: My responses are only from my memory...not exact, I didn't save them.*

Hi you eamil me telling me that I was in the webring but. I went to
your site and I couldn't fine the html code anywhere, it said that you
were going to mail it to me. I don't think you did. So if you could
mail it to me or tell me where it is on your page that would be nice.

I didn't email you. That is sent by default. You aren't in the ring unless I review your site and approve you.
You do not have an anti-titanic site so you can't be in the webring.

you suck. My site might not be about anti titantic, but I hate that
movie. I havn't even seen it and I son't like it. You also said in
your webpage that you would be in as long as you were not for titantic.

If you've never seen it how do you know you wouldn't like it? If you really want to be
in my webring that bad, just put an anti-titanic section on your page. I'll let you in then.
My webpage stated that you must have an anti-titanic page, not just if you yourself
were anti-titanic. Read it again if you feel it necessary.

If your going to be such an ass about getting in you webring then i say
fuck you. By the way the movie looked pretty stubid because it's not
like you don't know what happens at the end. I also heard from many
people that it sucked, so I didn't bother to watch it. I also think
that you don't like Nirvana and that is why you don't want me on your
silly littlle webring. I suggested your webring to a radio station, but
now i see that it was a mastake. By the way your not the only anti
titantic webring around I will go to another. Noe I have to eamil that
radio station and tell them that your webring sucks. One other thing,
most webrings will just accept anyone and won't give them a bunch of
shit about there page like you do.
Good bye,

You're right. I don't like Nirvana. That isn't why I'm not letting you in my ring though.
I told you. Your page does not qualify. I appreciate the publicity for the webring.
I'm famous now. There aren't any other anti-titanic webrings to my knowledge. If
you know of one, please send me the URL. I have a few words to mince with them.
You tell the radio station. I'm sure they'll be interested in your story about me not letting
a Nirvana/skateboard page in my ring. That is why my webring is better than others. I don't
accept pages that are garbage. Why don't you make your own webring and tell me I can't be in it?

please don't bother to email me anymore. Thanks for nothing.
you suck,

Why? I like emailing you.

You just pissed off the wrong person.

I then emailed Ian a map to his house complete with his telephone number and parent's names.

You pissed me off when you emailed me when I told you not to. I know
your not the only anti titantic webring. By the way don't try and scare
me just by knowing where I live, I know it doesn't take alot to get
address and phone numbers. You can easly get it off the net. You
should worrie more about me. I happen to be a hacker.
Your worst enemy

I'm sure you are a hacker, Ian. Why don't you send me a map to my house, my telephone number,
and my parent's names if it doesn't take a lot for you to do it? I really did get it easily off the net, you're
exactly right. I stay awake all night full of "worrie" about you, Ian. Like I said, tell me about myself.
Prove your worth to me, my son.

your an asshole, you email me when I tell you not to. By the way you
are going to lose alot members, b/c I have alot of pages that are visted
alot, i'll be sure to tell them what an ass you are. And now you won't
be able to reply becuases i'm tired of your shit. I'm blocking you. If
you get on as another email and mail me then that is harasment. bye bye
fuck you,

I'm sure everyone in my webring will drop right out once I tell them I wouldn't let a 16 year old's
Nirvana/Skateboard page in my ring. I'm so sorry, Ian. Please don't do that! But I guess you won't get this
since you blocked me out of your email. Too bad. It's not harassment if I email you. Just don't read
your email ever again. Try to block me out again. You can't. Impossible. You have two pages...the URL's are Note: email me and I will give them out on request. Now I know where you live, your phone number, you families name and what you all look like. I live startlingly close to you, only two states away. I can drive too and I know you can't. Lovely chatting with you, dearest.

He never emailed me again. *Sigh* We miss you, Ian. Please write back!

1998 Jennifer

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