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The Pat Lamarche for Governor website includes her platform, schedule, campaign contacts and other campaign info.

Elizabeth "Betsy" Marsano is running for the Maine House from District 30 in Portland. Check out her web page at http://home.maine.rr.com/markitmarsano/

Although he does not have a web page, you can email Ben Meiklejohn, who is running for the Maine House from District 31 in Portland.

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Now that Micro$oft has purchased Hotmail, folks using Hotmail may want to look into other free email services. There's a list of free web-based email services at http://www.geocities. com/SiliconValley/Vista/8015/free.html.

Net Maine Internet List A list of Internet Service Providers in Maine.

TELECOMMUTING The Telecommuting Safety & Health Institute (TSHI) is a new non-profit organization with the mission of educating people about and advocating the use of telecommuting in order to save lives, prevent injuries and improve health.

COMPUTER VIRUSES: Technical support, updates, and other antivirus information are available through the IBM Antivirus Online Website. Squash those rumors about email viri!

NON-WINTEL: Convergence International - the non-wintel user group
Supporting Acorn, Amiga, Apple, ARM, Be, Psion
E-Mail: enquiries@convergence.eu.org
Convergence International, 49, St Gilberts Road, Bourne, Lincs, PE10 9XD United Kingdom
IRC #Converge (IRCnet), Sundays & Wednesdays (20:00 GMT) (join us and other members at the weekly Convergence meetings!)

EMAIL: Web page of email related links, such as beginner's guide, netiquette, emoticons, email list on the net, email standards, and email address search engines.

NON-WINTEL COMPUTERS (that is, non-Windows and non-Intel): AMIGA and APPLE.

COMPUTER DICTONARY: A Computer Dictionary can be useful to look up that strange term you just ran across.

MICROSOFT MONOPOLY: The Boycott Micro$oft Website goes into great depth explaining why one should not buy products from Microsoft. Good explanations of market forces & myths, and explanations of how markets actually work--and should work--today.

Overseas Invasion - by Rachel Burstein. Like Coke, Nike, and the tobacco industry before it, Microsoft now has to hook new consumers abroad. But the company has discovered a way to bully foreign companies into buying Microsoft -- and only Microsoft.

Microstuff - Web resources for advanced hellraising, for those who know where they don't want to go -- ever.

APPRAISING MICROSOFT from Essential Information's web page.

Internet Glossary, consisting of several sequential pages each covering fourletters. A thru L only, but good info.

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Consumer Reports is a monthly magazine which rates consumer products in independent labortories, and accepts no advertising.

Maine Credit Union League's listing of Maine Credit Unions Credit unions are banks owned and controlled by the depositors. They are coops. Shouldn't you really have your savings and checking in a credit union? Here's a list & how to get in touch.

Want to buy recycled floppy disks? GreenDisk has them. David Beschen's company in Woodinville, WA, recycles never-used floppies from older versions of software when software companies publish newer versions.

Co-op America Sources of everything via cooperatives. [Thanks to Lizzie Poole in her Fish Rapper Digest - Radical Journey.]

The Consumer Law Page.

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Wind Energy in Depth: The Largest site on the Web. Learn more about wind energy in ninety animated pages on wind resources, wind turbine technology, economics, and environmental aspects of wind energy in the Guided Tour section. We have just added new pages on generators and power quality issues.

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Clean Maine the organization trying to eliminate pesticides from Maine's environment.

Jim Britell's Consensus, Partnerships and Roundtables series of essays for environmental activists. Jim, a member of the Kalmiosis Audubon Society, has written this series to help us think about the roundtables with industry that is fast becoming the new tool for co-optation of environmental activists. (The 1996-97 Forestry Compact was a document that came out of such a roundtable.)

Environmental Organization Web Directory

The Coalition for Sensible Energy links page has many environmental links, including solar housing.

Maine Audubon.

Sierra Club.

The Green Disk, a "Paperless Environmental Journal", now maintained from York, Maine, by Will Sugg, who is also developing the F.E.N. website.

Maine People's Alliance These folks do a lot of work on social and environmental issues, as well as legislative lobbying.

CoastWatch - The Coastal Waters Project.

Greenpeace USA.

Natural Resources Defense Council.

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The Native Forest Network has it's Eastern North America Resource Center in Burlington, VT.

World Commission of Forests and Sustainable Development.

American Forest and Paper Association's Sustainable Development page. Long on generalization, short on specifics.

Jeffery Parkman Cross of Dover-Foxcroft, is a logger whose web page advertises that he employs "lightweight equipment, individual tree selection harvesting and clean wood yards". Lots of pictures, too.

Gaia Forest Conservation Archives. waant to know about recycling wood? Buying mahogany? Industry perspective on sustainable forestry? Horse logging? Seal of approval for logging? The EU's ecological standards for copying paper? These subjects and more are all at this site.

FEN (Forest Ecology Network) This is the successor of the 1996 Ban Clearcutting Referendum folks, and they worked to defeat the Forestry Compact in 1997. The website contains articles by Mitch Lansky, Conrad Heeshen, Paul Donahue, Jonathan Crter, Nancy Oden, Ron Huber and others.

RESTORE: The North Woods. For a detailed look at several major environmental/conservation initatives in Maine and northern New England, check out this website. Issues include: Maine Woods National Park and Preserve, Eastern Timber Wolf Recovery, White Mountain National Forest Protection, Atlantic Salmon Restoration. [Thanks to Ron Huber for this link.]

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H.O.M.E. website. H.O.M.E. is a Christian community is Orland.

Mid Maine Homeless Shelter.

Habitat for Humanity International

Maine Co-Housing An organization espousing the benefits of communities of people owning their housing and land together. Several Maine examples are give of urban, suburban, and rural co-housing.

Rocky Mountain Institute, Snowmass, CO The technical side of green approaches to energy production & use, municipal development, hypercars, solar energy, green architecture, negawatts, soft path, etc. Emphasize need to understand hidden aspects of the big picture before attempting solutions. Amory Lovins, director. Their newsletter archive and publications list is on line.

Energy-Efficient Building Association [Thanks to Rocky Mountain Institute newsletter.]

Passive Solar Industries Council [Thanks to Rocky Mountain Institute newsletter.]

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The WALDO hOURS Directory is a directory of people looking for or offering goods and services in exchange for the local currency called WALDO hOURS in the Waldo County area.

Creating Ecological Economies with Local Currency by Paul Glover.

Brooklyn Greenbacks! Creating a local currency for our burrough.

Co-op America: Marketplace:Neighborhood Exchanges

International Journal of Community Currency Research.

Movement for Beloved Community Co-operative Economics

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TRANET, located in Rangeley, Maine, and organized by Bill Ellis, focuses on appropriate technology in both the physical and social spheres.

The Campaign to Ban Landmines website is hosted by the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation.

The Right To Know Website

American Gulf War Vets Association has information on Americans a dn Iraqis made sick from Gulf War Syndrome, American Corporations who sold bacteriological agents to the Iraqis in 1986, and many other Gulf War related articles.

Corporate Power, Influence, Money, and Interlocking Boards of Directors Page. The title says it all. You'll find suggested methods of doing research, and lots of links to information.

A CITIZEN'S GUIDE ON USING THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT AND THE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974 TO REQUEST GOVERNMENT RECORDS "The following is the United States House of Representatives' Guide to the FOIA. It has detailed information about the act and about the FOIA process. Studying this Guide will give you plenty of information about your rights under this important law." Plenty of hyperlinked text to make it user-friendly. Check it out. -Ron Huber

Check out the website of Armed Forces Journal International, probably the top trade publication of the military set. While its obviously from the point of view of the military/industrial complex, it does supply useful information about their policies, latest military contracts policies, etc, the view and impact of the "defense" industry on capitol hill, etc etc. [Link suggested by Ron Huber. Thanks, Ron.]

Satellite based earth pix. This website offers free images of earth downloaded daily from several hundred satellites. I didn't know how crowded it is up there! Note that images from satellites over the nightside of earth are well... pretty dark. You can zoom the image closer or nearer, look at the image as a topographic image, or with cloud-cover emphasized. Lots of other options too. [Suggested by Ron Huber.]

Here's a list of U.S. military and strategy sites. Parameters the Army War College quarterly Go to the spring '97 issue and see Ken Butts' "The strategic importance of water", as an example of DoD's vision of the world.

Right wing Austrailian (Anti-)Green Pages A good example of anti-Green propaganda.

"Green Politics at an Impasse", critique of Green Parties worldwide. From a Democratic Socialist perspective from a January 1996 speech by Austrailian Lisa Macdonald, member of the National Executive of the Democratic Socialist Party.

Jubilee A web site for those interested in helping with a new humane movement for social change. [Link suggested by Ted Markow.]

Hurricane Information and more hurricane info [Thanks to Lizzie Poole in her Fish Rapper Digest - Radical Journey.]

Women's Issues and Third World Women's Issues [Thanks to Lizzie Poole in her Fish Rapper Digest - Radical Journey.]

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Maine Parties:

Maine Democratic Party

Maine Green Party 283 Water St. #16, Augusta ME 04330. Ph. 622-1919. Email Green Party Office.

Maine Independent Party. [No website yet?]

Maine Libertarian Party

Maine Natural Law Party

The New Alliance Party's Maine contact index.

Maine Reform Party

Maine Republican Party

Maine Taxpayers Party. To receive a copy of our platform via e-mail, send a message to: mtp@gwi.net and include the phrase "send platform" in either the subject or body of the message. (Thanks to Bill Clarke for this link.)

National Parties:

Natural Law Party USA.

Association of State Green Parties (ASGP) The Maine Green Party is a member of this group.

Listing of Green Parties all over North America --and the world-- with links to their websites.

Green Party USA

U.S. Libertarian Party

The national web page for The New Party.

The web page for the U.S. Socialist Party.


(All of these sites have English language pages.)

Visit Mumia Abu-Jamal's website to see articles by him, latest updates on his case, what you can do to save his life, and what is already being done.

ZAPATISTA PAGES (Mexico, site maintained in Texas) Fresh analysis of the local and global effects of the "New World Order" and its effect upon culture, local economy, healthcare, etc.

TUPAC AMARU REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT (Peru. Site maintained in California) Learn who Tupac Amaru was, and why the movement is named for him. Read the latest communiques from the R. M. Tupac Amaru.

FREE EAST TIMOR (Pacific Island near Indonesia; site maintained in Portugal)

Cuba Contains commercial, tourist and healthcare info about Cuba. Very colorful site.

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Politics1 web site. The site covers every 1998 race for Governor, US Senate, and House from coast to coast; the 2000 Presidential race (40+ candidates so far) annotated candidate links, all political parties, illustrated with hundreds of historic campaign buttons, news, and more.

Vote Smart is a web page provising ccess to information on federal and state politicians nationwide.

Vote Link Vote your opinion and make comments on major issues like nuclear power or information overload in your town, or government control of the net. You can add your argument to or against other people's comments. Results are sent to the media, Congress and the White House. [Thanks for this link goes to Lizzie Poole in her Fish Rapper Digest - Radical Journey.]

Federal Elections Commission Want to do a detailed and specific search of who donated to which (federal) candidates? This is the place to look.

The Reporters' Center for Freedom of the Press, in Arlington, Virginia, offers a free online review of each state's public access and other state information laws on their website. Tired of getting mixed signals from the state govt over access to state forestry, environmental or other information? Don't know if you can request copies of bureaucrats' email? Uncertain what is "privileged" info and what is yours upon demand from the Maine govt? Be unclear no longer.
Here is their Maine page. To find another state's public info access laws and regulations, substitute that state's initials for the ME at the end of the following:

On the Maine page, every line except the CAPITALIZED chapter headings is "hotlinked" to the actual language of the law, rule or regulation. Its a lengthy list, but much of the important stuff is way down toward the end. Worth a look.

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Julian Holmes' Home Page has moved and expanded. It now includes his letters to the editor and his new book Dirty Air, Dirty Water.

"Getting Greens Going" an article by Sam Smith. "The Green Paarty is America's ne third party. This article describes the joys and pains of birthing a new party."

Sam Smith's Idea Mill reports on good ideas being put into practice worldwide. Meant to be an ongoing addendum to Sam's book The Great American Repair Manual: Rebuilding Our Country so the Politics Aren't Broken and the Politicians Aren't Fixed. Further additions requested. Brunswick free bike program mentioned.

What's the point of food you can't eat?, wherein a scientist examines the rather obvious idea that total exploitation of whole sectors of wild nature is not necessarily a good thing. A page from New Zealand's website on its marine reserves, by U of Auckland biologist Bill Ballantine.

Tom Bender's "Unasked Questions".

Paul Hawken on "Natural Capitalism"

Don't Panic, Eat Organic

"Sustainability and the Corporations - Introduction", by Hunter Lovins

Ishmael is a book written by Daniel Quinn which puts our current world situation in a whole new light - something EVERYONE can gain from. The B Network is all about Daniel Quinn's The Story of B.[Links suggested by Ted Markow & Stan Johnson.]

Fallback A book that is being posted (as it is written) on the web about the Year 2000 implications on computerized systems - meaning, the whole world. This one is a REAL eye opener. [Link suggested by Ted Markow.]

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Elizabeth "Betsy" Marsano for Maine House District 30 webpage.

Nancy Oden's Clean Maine web site.

Julian Holmes' Home Page has moved and expanded. It now includes his letters to the editor and his new book Dirty Air, Dirty Water.

The Pat LaMarche for Governor web site is now under construction and being rapidly expanded.

Apple Valley Books, a bookstore in Winthrop owned and operated by greens Rita Moran and Eric Robbins. A full-service store specializing in fast, affordable mail order (they either have or can get just about anything in print). Their Maine and Local Interest section is very strong, as are the Children and Young Adult sections and the Beliefs section. They have A Campaign for the Forest by Greg Gerritt in stock.

StrayDog Publications by David Priesing, who set up the Rensenbrink for Senate website and provided access to information on the Ban Clearcutting campaign during the '96 elections. Some of the Rensenbrink info in web page format, the colorization of the logo, and the BCC graphic as well as many others at this site came from him. (Frames capable browser required.)

John Rensenbrink is a Co-Founder of the Green Party and 1996 US Senate Candidate. Here is a collection of his writing, some background, commentary and updates on the Association of State Green Parties and what is happening with them and information on the senate campaign.

Jane Livingston is an active Maine Green.

Ron Huber is the director of The Coastal Waters Project.

Rob Waite is the primary web weaver of the Maine Greens website. He has his greens home page here and his personal page here.

Tom Roberts Homepage, where you'll find this Maine Greens Links Page, the Maine Federation of Farmers' Market homepage, the WALDO hOURS Directory, the Snakeroot Organic Farm homepage, and read some of Tom's views on monopolies in the computer world.

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The Maine People's Alliance page of links.

Maine Green Pages, Portland ME "A directory of resources for healing ourselves, our bioregion and our planet." Lists of "Free Speech, Health, Community, Whole Systems, Nature" web pages. Definitely a site to visit, a great resource that provides links to many issues of interest to Maine Greens. Maintained by Wes Nickerson.

Essential Information's page of links at WWW.Essential.ORG. Essential Information is a Ralph Nader umbrella group for organizations that empower people with information. A small sampling of what there includes: Appraising Microsoft, Hightower Radio, Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Waste, Public Citizen, Infact, Multinational Monitor, Center for Auto Safety, Congressional Accountability Project, Corporate Accountability Project, Death Penalty Information Center, Ozone Action, Friends of the Earth, and Physicians for a National Health Care Program. Since this site is on a fairly slow server, we maintain a mirror of the list of links here.

Bangor Daily News Maine Pages

Maine Map of WWW Resources

Maine Resource Guide. A directory of Maine businesses on the web. Includes the Maine Online Chat Network, a business index, events calendar, gift shop, Maine outdoors, real estate and travel center.

Maine Internet Links.

New Jersey Greens' interesting links.

Camereon Spitzer's misc. green related links.

The Benz list of Green party resources British Columbia, Canada.

Green links of the North Carolina Greens.

Electronic Frontier Foundation's list of intersting links.

The Maine Electronic Activists Toolbox is a small list of links to politicians email and newspapers around the state. Some of the info is quite out of date (the link to Senator William Cohen, for example).

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Maine Greens Search Engine Page. A list of search engines to use for searching out subjects on websites and usenet discussion groups. We suggest you download this page to your hard drive, then point your browser's "Search" button to it.

Find other LEFTIES on the web! [Link sugested by Clark Phinney.]

"If they are on the net, chances are they are listed in here - WHO WHERE can find them fast", says their ad.

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We will be adding more "Interesting Links" sites as we learn of them. If you have found an interesting web site (or a dozen of them!) you'd like to share with other Greens just email the URL (that's internet-speak for web address) to Web Weaver Tom Roberts. I'll check it out and post it to this list of links within a week or so.

Please include the name of the site as well as it's address. And include some commentary or descripton, too, if you care to.

This page is a work in progress. Help it grow. Feedback=Nutrition!

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