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BiblioBytes was founded in January 1993 by Glenn Hauman, Todd Masco, and Andrew Bressen with the purpose of selling electronic publications over the Internet. As we began to prepare books, we came to the realization that nobody was preparing a way to conduct commerce over the Net in time to meet our scheduled launch date, so we also began to pursue the creation of a financial exchange system for the Internet.

We conducted our first giveaway in August 1993 in collabaration with Ace Books (three chapters of Crashcourse by Wilhelmina Baird) and conducted our first sales in July of 1994 (Loading Las Vegas by David Hiatt and Tonguing The Zeitgeist by Lance Olsen.) Our web page went up in October of 1994.

Our finacial exchange system was so popular that we were forced to start a seperate company, HKS, to deal with the sudden demand for ICE-- the Internet Creditcard Encryptor. HKS has since taken over Internet point-of-purchase and presence services, leaving BiblioBytes free to concentrate on soft matter sales-- electronic books, images, sounds, software, and data files available through the Internet.

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