Justin Delabar respects Jason Hall for not only running a great company, but for being one of the tallest men in the industry.




Jason Hall Interview
By Justin Delabar, Editor-n-Chief

Jason Hall is the CEO of Monolith Studios, the comapny that's bringing you Shogo and Blood 2. In this extremely comprehensive, yet light-hearted interview, Jace shares his views on LithTech, story in games, Shogo sequels, and answers the question everyone wants to know: Who really is the God of DooM?

GD: The lovable, fluffy Justin Delabar
JH: The "Commando CEO", Jason Hall

GD: When was Monolith founded?

JH: Monolith was actually founded sometime in 1994, but the Monolith you know of today really started on Jan 1, 1995.

GD: What's the best part about being Monolith CEO?

JH: Working with all these really great people! I am honored that they allow me to be their "Commando CEO." It's kind of like being the coach of an all star basketball team - team is incredible so the coach just looks good by default. Seriously though, the best part is the people here. I love being around them, and working with them.

GD: In your opinion, what will set the LithTech engine a step above the rest?

JH: The incredible speed that it runs at, and the fact that it works on nearly all the 3D cards and on lower end systems. Bottom line: more people will see it / play it!

GD: How many developers have liscenced the LithTech engine?

JH: Our LithTech specific website (www.lithtech.com ) covers many details of the engine, and is also the focal point for the development community to ask questions and gain access to the LithTech development tools. Right now there are over 7000 registered developers using and experimenting with the LithTech engine. For a developer, the process of learning and evaluating a technology is an engrossing task, so we are very encouraged by the incredible and immediate response we've received since the LithTech engine is so new. Very recently there have been companies such as Zombie, or IcePick games making announcements about using LithTech, and it's safe to assume that there are a few companies that are not interested in announcing their use of a licensed technology. In any case, you should expect to see some major announcements soon, as Shogo and Blood 2 will be hitting the shelves shortly and are testaments to what can be done with the engine.

GD: How do you feel about GameCenter not including LithTech in their "Battle of the Engines" feature?

JH: I feel that they missed out on a good chance to present the LithTech engine to the gaming public as a strong contender for the crown. Maybe next time I guess. :-)

GD: How do you think Shogo will fair with the hardcore Quake2 gamer?

JH: Well, after going to the PlanetQuake beatdown for myself and putting Shogo in front of them, I can honestly say that Shogo will fair extremely well with them!

GD: What will set Shogo apart from other shooters?

JH: There are too many things to list, but fundamentally, Shogo is a refreshing and original twist on the FPS action genre. Throughout the whole game you are always going to new places, fighting new things. I think ANIME fits into this genre very well.

GD: I remember Monolith calling for developers with unpublished games awhile back and that you guys would publish them (if they were good). How has that been coming along?

JH: It's been going very well. We actually have more titles to look at than you can imagine! Interesting to see how many people read .plan files!

GD: What games do you have planned for the future?

JH: Hehe, wouldn't our competition like to know! Lot's of good ones! :-)

GD: Will there be a Shogo sequel?

JH: Oh yes. It will ROCK too.

GD: What is your standpoint on story in shooter games?

JH: It's pretty straightforward. Story is important. It gives you the reason to do what you are doing. It helps the sense of accomplishment, it creates the suspension of disbelief - but you can never let it get in the way of the physical gameplay! Ultimately, the best thing is when you are slick enough to make the story a real part of the gameplay, like we did with SHOGO. Actions have consequences, INACTION has consequences.. you get the picture...

GD: Will Monolith act more as a publisher, or as a developer in the upcoming years?

JH: Monolith will do whatever makes the most sense given the current market conditions. We'll have to see! Right now we are 50/50.

GD: Who's really better at Doom... You or Romero?

JH: Well, I have to say that given my sorry state of non-practice at Doom, he is. BUT I did bust his ass down at doom 2 map 1 (at CGDC) the very first time he and I ever played, and I hadn't played doom 2 in almost 2 years!

GD: Fav midnight snack? =)

JH: Can't eat late at night. It messes up my bodybuilding diet!

GD: This one is from TC at the Daily Dementia: How come your new ads for Shogo are so stupid and insulting to those of us with small dicks?

JH: It is due to the Freudian CockenBhallz theory.




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