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WhatsUp Gold 3.5
Highly-effective and easy-to-use graphical network monitoring -- at a price you can afford!

y2k.gif (1096 bytes)Keep network downtime to a minimum with WhatsUp Gold -- the fast and sensible way to monitor your network. It's easy-to-configure to match your precise network environment, scalable to monitor growing enterprise networks, and simple to administer. WhatsUp Gold monitors even the most complex multiprotocol enterprise networks without additional hardware, extra software, or network device modification.

WhatsUp Gold's beeper notification WhatsUp Gold provides a variety of real-time views of your network status and alerts you to network problems remotely by pager or e-mail before they escalate into expensive downtime events.

WhatsUp Gold's superior graphical interface helps you create network maps, add devices, specify services to be monitored, and configure alerts in minutes. It also allows you to:

imaildot.gif (933 bytes) Perform routine administrative tasks and view your network status from any web browser
imaildot.gif (933 bytes) Quickly diagnose network, server, and service outages
imaildot.gif (933 bytes) Program for specific corrective actions to get downed networks up and running, such as rebooting servers or restarting services
imaildot.gif (933 bytes) Map your network and discover all the services running on it

We offer several purchasing options, including a directory to help you locate a reseller in your area who can offer custom electronic mail solutions and installations according to your needs.

WhatsUp Gold
Buy WhatsUp Gold for $695

Download a 30-day evaluation now

WhatsUp Gold User's GuideView the WhatsUp Gold User's Guide

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0

"We have configured this product to 'ping' Notes and Domino servers on port 1352  and HTTP port 80. When a server goes down,  WhatsUp Gold performs many functions:
1) A siren goes off to alert our 7x24 ops staff to respond to the alert.
2) Emails are sent to Operations  personnel.
3) Text pages are sent at five  minute intervals to second level support people indicating that  the server is down.
4) Additional text pages are sent after 45 minutes to alert management to the problem.

Since we implemented this product our server uptime has increased dramatically! Your product is so easy to install and setup that this decision was an easy one for Millipore. "

Rick Schatzl - Intranet Operations Manager
Millipore Corporation

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