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Watch the new Apple television commercials as many times as you want, when you want. Compressed for speed and playability, these QuickTime movies play right on your computer, letting you watch the new Apple TV ads your friends are talking about. Requires QuickTime 3.

A Y2K message from HAL. Collect all 5! Completely reinvented.
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Apple and the Year 2000
Based on a timely topicthe millennium bug, that ticking time bomb triggered by antiquated software codethe new Apple ad stars the most menacing computer villain of all time, the HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Relive the moment that took Macworld by storm with the ad that introduced the five new flavors of iMac. Choreographed to the tune of the Rolling Stones hit Shes a Rainbow, this ad recaptures the magic of a special moment in Apple historythe unveiling of the biggest surprise of Macworld San Francisco.

The ad that launched the all-new Power Macintosh G3 (its not only the worlds most powerful personal computerits also the most open-minded). See the G3 thats changing many previously made-up minds about Macintosh.

Fine tune your QuickTime movie speed to match the speed of your connection. Click on Plug-in Settings (use the pop-up menu button on the lower right-hand corner of the movie frame to get there). When the dialogue box appears, click on the Connection Speeds button and select the type of modem or connection you use for Internet access, and hit your page Reload button.

Note: The new Apple commercials come in 2 versions optimized for standard connection speeds28.8K to ISDN and T1/LAN. Even the smaller version delivers great motion and sound. But if you want to feel the blast of full-size, full-screen video, set the connection speed to Intranet/LAN. Its the one you want.

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