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January 20, 1999...
The holidays were great, as was New Year. On my trip back to Jersey I had the opportunity to see old family friends, some of whom I hadn't seen in over ten years!

I'm pretty psyched about the next month or two -- going to see Del and Black Star in Richmond in a couple of weeks, a couple of weeks after that I'm going home to see ZOMBIE on the big screen and pick up a new CD-R (the Philips double-deck one) I just bought, an a few weeks after THAT I'm going home to celebrate my mom's birthday, my neice's birthday, and Huyen's birthday, all in a span of three days (add in Valentine's Day and February is more expensive for me than December!). And in early March I will probably be taking a few of my PTO days and heading to New York for a four-day weekend. Buy some music, visit some friends... should be excellent.

Work is going well and everything else seems to be falling into place... this year's starting off well, and hopefully it'll bring a lot of kick ass surprises with it. :)

December 22, 1998...
It's been really hard trying to keep up with the site. After four months at my job, it still takes a lot of effort to sit down at home and work on my web site after I've stared at the screen at work for 9 hours. I have been making some significant progress, though, and I hope to have some new stuff ready by the new year.

I've managed to hunt down a bunch of long-lost friends in the past few months... big ups this time around go to Paul McAleer, Rebecca Lavigne, Terry Murphy, Elly Millican, Amanda Millican, and Jason Strangfeld.

Last month I finally got to see Half Pint perform live. Huyen and I made a trip to Maryland to check him and Anthony B. Both put on a great show, and it was cool to hang out with Pint again -- it had been almost a year since I had dinner with him in New York. The day before I also got to chill with Lem from Easy Star, which was cool since he's living in VA now and I hadn't seen him since last December either.

I've fortunately had a little bit more time to devote to my music recently. I'm hoping to have a new album out in the next couple of months. I have a ton of older material that will come out on an "unreleased/B-sides" album and also some experimental instrumental stuff. The next one out, though, titled Our Town will be all new material based around the theme of hip-hop as a self-sufficient community in its own right.

This update has gotten a little long, so I'm going to drop off here and try to get more frequent, shorter updates in the future.

October 21, 1998...
Turned 23 a week ago -- damn, time flies. The job is going well and I have some new writing opportunities on the horizon. On top of that I've heard from several friends from high school that I haven't talked to in over four years -- so a big "what's up" to Gregg Albert, Mike Frew, and Ed Martino.

September 10, 1998...
Another brief two-month update: Started my new job. Been busy, but the site is still being updated frequently.

July 26, 1998...
The briefest possible two-month update: went to Vietnam and came back (did some stuff in between, too), moved into a new townhouse, and I start my job next Monday. There ya go.

May 19, 1998...
Saturday marked the official end of my college career. It was an exciting day -- and DAMN hot. About a dozen relatives and family friends came out to celebrate the day. While it was certainly exciting to graduate, there was definitely a feeling of sadness as well (especially since we didn't really get to say our goodbyes -- graduation ended at 1pm -- school policy: "get your ass out by 5"). A final big ups to all my peoples at MWC -- it may be a while before I see y'all again, but you're all on my mind, for sure.

Tonight I get my immunization shots before my trip overseas. It's hard to believe that in about two weeks I'll be on the plane headed to Southeast Asia. I'll get a chance to meet up with Mike from MWC in Can Tho -- ironic that two people from a small college will be in the same town on the other side of the world. Mike has been there for almost a pregnancy period setting up Internet access. He'll be leaving in mid-June, but our paths will cross for a few days.

May 10, 1998...
I finally saw comedian Brian Regan last week at the Improv in DC. I've follwed him since I saw him on a comedy special on showtime 8 or 9 years ago that Seinfeld hosted before he got real big. This was the first time I got to see him live... his show was just excellent. I bought a CD afterwards and got to speak with Brian for a few minutes as well.

Otherwise, I'm just enjoying dead week and doing some work on my pages. And dubbing lots of music from the radio station. :)

May 3, 1998...
As of last week I accepted a job as Webmaster at Reliable Software Technologies in Sterling, VA. I'll be starting in August.

In other news, exams will be done by Tuesday. My room is half-empty now... the moving process has begun.

And lastly, one month from today we leave for Vietnam!

April 20, 1998...
I decided to start this page to kind of accompany the what's new page... except that page deals with new stuff on the site, while this page will give some brief updates about what's been going on with me. Not terribly interesting, I admit, but people want to know these things, for whatever reason.

Right now, though, I'm too tired to bother doing much of an update... here's now in a nutshell: 1 1/2 weeks of class left, less than 4 weeks to graduation, a month and a half until I leave for Vietnam, and three brain cells until mental destruction.

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