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25 Apr 1999: There has been so much FreeDOS news lately, keeping the last 30 days of news on this page is getting to be too much. So, I'll only keep about 10 days (or so) on this page. You can still browse the news archive for more important news that you may have missed.

25 Apr 1999: Some technical information from Ror4 on how FASTFLOP works: technote029

25 Apr 1999: Looking to find out how/why your favorite DOS program is failing under FreeDOS when it worked under MS-DOS? John Price writes: Probably the best way to see what the problem is is to run trace -v -y WIN.COM using MSDOS and FreeDOS, and compare the results. Somewhere along the log file the FreeDOS will crash, so maybe you can see what the difference is. You can download Trace from John's site.

25 Apr 1999: Imre Lebr writes: I've taken over development on DISKCOPY from Mathew Stanford and am now proud to anounce beta 0.2. You can download it from: web page This version of DISKCOPY has many improvements over version 1.0.

24 Apr 1999: Warren E. Downs writes: Just saw this on The GEM GUI was what the Atari ST sported, and it was also available from DRI (The makers of DR-DOS) for DOS. Caldera just released the sources under GPL, and though it probably needs to be cleaned up in order to compile, it might be a worthy contender for the FreeDOS GUI project. Check out the GEM web site,

24 Apr 1999: Some good points about and Windows, under both FreeDOS and MS-DOS. newsitem034

24 Apr 1999: Good information about DOS primary partitions. technote028

24 Apr 1999: Jeremiah Gowdy writes: I got the idea that maybe we should start a FreeDOS team on the RC5-64 contest. ... The idea is to be the client who finds the key that breaks the encryption on the main encrypted block. If you do this, you win $2000. The money goes to the individual person who breaks the encryption, not the team. You work on the decryption by simply running the RC5-64 client program which simply sits in the background and uses only your computers IDLE time. There are clients for Windows 95 98 NT, DOS, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac, and more. ... To read about the contest go to If you want to run it on your linux box or some other platform like dos, the URL is Autoselect or Select.

22 Apr 1999: Jim Hall writes: I am excited to announce the FreeDOS Beta3 distribution. You can get it from the Files directory on the web site. The Beta3 is a major improvement over the previous FreeDOS distributions. This includes an updated kernel, newer (and working!) versions of FORMAT and FDISK, and an improved install boot floppy that can also be used as a DOS rescue diskette! Don't forget to read the Release notes and Installation instructions. I will post a list of the Errata (Known Problems) as they become available.

21 Apr 1999: Update on the Beta3 distribution: Ok, the new kernel is definitely worth adding to the distribution, and anyway I found a problem with the install boot floppy that really needs to be fixed. So the release of the new distribution will be delayed by one more day .... Sorry.

21 Apr 1999: John Price writes: FreeDOS Kernel build 2010 (version 1.1.8) is now available. I'm releasing this because I changed something in the getblock function in 2009, and it didn't work like I thought. Anyway, I wanted to create a package that will be included in the beta 3 FreeDOS, so here it is. Report your bugs to the kernel bug database. : Executable archive : Source archive : Patch from 2009 to 2010

19 Apr 1999: Update on the Beta3 distribution: During my test install, I found that I had some corrupt files on the LANG disk, so I'll have to re-test tomorrow. And I had two other files that needed to be renamed. But other than that, things went really well. I'll run a few more tests tomorrow night, and on Wednesday sometime I'll post the Beta3 distribution!

19 Apr 1999: Charles Dye writes: For the record: Kernel bug #8 (sporadic disk corruption) is very much alive and well. I copied one 500-K file from floppy to my C: drive yesterday (more time trials) and thoroughly mangled the entire volume. So take a lesson from dumb ol' Captain Raster: Remember that FreeDOS is beta software; don't use it with important data. Ok, I don't usually post information about kernel bugs on the site, but I thought this one was important.

18 Apr 1999: The Beta3 distribution is almost ready! newsitem032

18 Apr 1999: Steven Gibson writes: SuperAnt is announcing that effective immediately, they will be making available a DOS-based CD-ROM. The DOS CD-ROM contains FreeDOS bootable systems and utilities and tools for DOS. This CD contains djgpp for compiling C programs under DOS. Some of the included programs are DOSLynx and GUI browsers, email tools, ftp, and networking utilities. Most programs are GPL. The CD-ROM contains more than 400 MB of files. SuperAnt is a Linux and Open Source technology provider and packager, selling and marketing business and recreation CD-ROMS on the Internet.

18 Apr 1999: John Price writes: FreeDOS Kernel build 2009 (version 1.1.7) is now available. This release was mainly because I included a test FreeCom version (0.76c) that I did not intend, and the boot loader had a problem where it would not work on all hard drives that has been fixed. Report bugs to the kernel bug list. Executable archive | Source archive | Patch from 2008 to 2009

17 Apr 1999: Brian Reifsnyder writes: Fdisk version 0.95 is now available at The filename is This version fixes the problem creating FAT12 partitions. They are now created correctly.

17 Apr 1999: John Price writes: FreeDOS Kernel build 2008 (version 1.1.6) is now available. This release includes the patches from ror4 to bring multi-sector disk IO closer to reality (these patches don't actually change how the kernel handles disks yet), the patches from Steffen with a re-written ctrl-break handler, and by patches to improve (read speed up) the FAT handling. Executable archive | Source archive | Patch from 2007 to 2008 Wow! We're updating the kernel faster than I can apply them to the forthcoming Beta3 release! But that's a good thing...

15 Apr 1999: John Price writes: Well, I started observing the disk operation, and I noticed that for long files, the disk access seemed to get slower as it copied... I finally realized that it was because the kernel was re-reading the FAT chain for the file, from the first cluster, every time it read one cluster! Please get this patch and try this code out. Try copying files (big and small) as well any kind of random disk access you can try would be great. You should see an improvement in floppy and hard drive access. The slower your machine is, the better it should work!

15 Apr 1999: Brian E. Reifsnyder writes: Format version 0.5 is now available at The filename is: There are a lot of bug fixes here.

15 Apr 1999: John Price writes: I'm excited to announce the release of FreeDOS Kernel build 2007 (version 1.1.5). Again, thanx to ror4, there is a ton of changes to this version. Actually, all the changes are "ror4 changes". Seems to fix a lot of problems, including compatibility with FDISK and some stuff with memory! Executable archive | Source archive | Patch from 2006 to 2007

15 Apr 1999: For all of you who are interested in writing your own code, but you don't have a compiler, check out the freee compilers list. A little ways down the page, you'll find a catalog of a bunch of compilers. Be careful, though: if you want to submit code to the FreeDOS Project, you really should stick to a compiler that meets the reference standard in the FreeDOS Spec.

15 Apr 1999: John Price writes: The FreeDOS GUI mailing list is a mailing list for comments, suggestions, and general discussion about the development of a FreeDOS GUI. Send all mailing list commands to To subscribe to the list, send email with "add" in the subject (without the quotes!) to To unsubscribe from the list, send email with "remove" in the subject (without the quotes!) to

15 Apr 1999: John Price writes: Anything that is specific to FreeDOS kernel development should be sent to the kernel mailing list only. If you are interested in kernel development, please join the kernel list. Send email to for subscription info.

I'll try to keep about 10 days' worth of important FreeDOS news on this page. For more news, see the News archive.


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