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Play Incorporated Creates World's First Internet TV Broadcast Station
Building on Play's experience developing the production technologies for major motion pictures like Star Wars and Men In Black.

Play Unveils Portable Television Production Tool
PocketProducer Takes Post-production On Location.

Play Wins "Best of Show" Awards at NAB
Pocket Producer, Amorphium chosen among thousands of new products showcased at NAB.

Creator of Hollywood and Network TV Production Gear Launches Next-Generation Internet TV Network
In the next leap forward in the ongoing collision of the Internet and television, Play Incorporated today unveiled PlayTV.

Play Partners with the BBC to Introduce Next Generation Chroma Keying
Play unveils HoloSet, a breakthrough technology designed to dramatically improve any chroma keyer system.
Play and Apple Team Up to Bring Hollywood 3D Animation to the Masses
In a move that makes high-end 3D graphics significantly more affordable, Play Incorporated teamed up with Apple Computer today to provide a special offer for graphics enthusiasts worldwide.
Play's Special Pre-NAB Event a Huge Smash
During a standing-room-only special event the Sunday evening before the National Association of Broadcasters convention, Play co-CEOs Paul Montgomery and Mike Moore unveiled the company's new product lines for this year's NAB.
tn-nab.gif Play to Make Special NAB '99 Announcements
Play is set to change the future of television as we know it.
tn-amorhbox.jpg (6318 bytes) CNN Calls Amorphium "Way Cool, Amazing and Innovative"
CNNfn host Steve Young expressed his amazement with Play's new 3D software, Amorphium, during a live interview with Play President and Co-CEO Paul Montgomery.
edtv Sacramento's NBC Affiliate Reports on Play's Association with EdTV Production
A little bit of Hollywood has moved north.
tn_gates.jpg (5753 bytes) Bill Gates On Trinity: "It Could Open the Video-Editing Market to Lots of New Companies"
Gates recently discussed the potential of Trinity in his national newspaper column.
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