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If you're at a crossroads between faith and reason, feeling the pull of each, this site is for you. This site is a crossroads on the information superhighway, leading you to many different resources on freethought, religion, and spirituality. It is also a place where people who walk down different roads can come together and share their different perspectives on religious questions.
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Order Care of
the Soul Your soul is the depths of who you are, and that is how Thomas Moore understands soul in this book. Using stories and characters from mythology, Moore helps us learn more about the depth and mystery of who we are at heart. If you want to understand yourself better and come to a better appreciation of your own mystery and complexity, I very much recommend this book. Order Care of the Soul from


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Are you a freethinker? - Find out what freethought is with my page, Freethought: Taking Reason Seriously.

Do you think Atheists are all a bunch of immoral, God-hating communists? - Check out my page on Common Misconceptions about Atheists.

Do we go through stages of spiritual growth? - Read my essay Stages of Spiritual Growth.

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