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OpenContent's only excuse for existing is to "facilitate the prolific creation of freely available, high-quality, well-maintained Content." This Content can then be used in an infinity of ways, restricted only by the imagination of the user. One of the most significant uses may be supporting instruction and helping people learn. 'What is content?', you ask. Content is just about anything that isn't executable. If you're interested in freely sharing your software, have a look over here. If you're interested in freely sharing content, read on.

OpenContent is freely available for modification, use, and redistribution under a license similar to those used by the Open Source / Free Software community. In plain English, the license relieves the author of any liability or implication of warranty. It grants others permission to use the Content in whole or in part and insures that the original author will be properly credited when Content is used. It also grants others permission to modify the Content if they clearly mark what changes have been made, when they were made, and who made them. Others are free to redistribute this modified Content. Finally, the license insures that if someone else bases a work on OpenContent, that the resultant work will be made available as OpenContent as well.

Monday September 28, 1998. OpenContent kicked off an online Content database, allowing users to enter their own Content and search through some of what's available. Some of the content was lost in late January due to some "technical difficulties," so if your stuff is missing please resubmit it!

Monday September 21, 1998. OpenContent gets covered by Time Magazine's digital counterpart, Netly News. If this is your first time at OpenContent, check out the story for some background on the project.

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