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Tue, May 4, 1999
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The Award

The Best of the Net award is given by Mining Company guide sites (such as Focus On Linux) to distingush those sites which best Best of the Net!serve a given subject area or Internet community. Here at Focus On Linux, we award ten (10) sites at the end of April, and another ten (10) sites at the end of October. Sites recieveing the most recent award will be marked Best of the Net in our links library.

Award Criteria

Each site in our links library was reviewed and scored based on the criteria below. The ten (10) sites with the highest scores are presented with the Best of the Net award.

  • Quality and usefulness. Overall quality of the site, overall quality and quantity of content.
  • Availablility. How consistently is the site up/available? Is it mirrored to improve access to Linux users everwhere?
  • Salience. Is the status of the site directly representative of the status of the Linux community itself. Is the site important?
  • Originality/exclusivity. Is this site unique in the benefits which it offers to the Linux community, either because it is entirely original or because it so eclipses its competitors/peers?

The Winners: October 1998

Here are the winners of the Best of the Net award for October 1998. Since there was some heated discussion this time about a couple of scores, they are listed in no particular order.

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