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I'm Aaron Barnhart, and I'm the television writer at the Kansas City Star. For five years I wrote a weekly Internet guide to late-night television called LATE SHOW NEWS. It led to freelance assignments, which led to my current position.

Since my beat now includes all of television -- and has been that way for quite some time -- I thought it best to make late-night TV part of a larger Internet presence. So I closed down LATE SHOW NEWS and opened up TV Barn.

TV Barn offers several features, nearly all of them updated every weekday:

  • Feature stories from my work at the Kansas City Star. I cut a pretty wide swath: besides the usual TV criticism, I like to be on top of new trends in the television industry, because ultimately they affect what the consumer sees (and doesn't see) on TV. TV Barn will give you quick access to all of my most recent stories for the Star.
  • The daily dose. There's always something going on in the 150-channel universe. TV Barn offers news and insights Monday through Friday -- something new every day.
  • Overnight ratings from 46 of the largest TV markets covering 60 percent of U.S. households, as measured by Nielsen Media Research. Look for those numbers here every morning by 9:45 Central time.
  • Pick to click. Daily reviews of noteworthy shows airing that night on TV, adapted from my daily "Remote Patrol"in the Kansas City Star.
  • On this date. From the Internet's keeper of the TV calendar, Tom Heald.
  • From the wires. Breaking news culled from sources far and wide. If it's happening in TV, you'll read it here. The latest stories are kept here, freshest ones on the top.
  • TVKC, my weekly column covering the Kansas City television scene. Even if you don't live within our signal range, you'll probably recognize a lot of your local TV market in ours.
  • Reader mail. I have the best readers; I'm convinced of that. And every Tuesday I love printing their letters. If there's something you've read here you'd like to take issue with or if there's anything on TV or about the TV business you want to get off your chest, drop me a line and I'll consider it for publication here.


TV Barn on the radio

Hear Aaron Barnhart on the radio -- wherever you are! Kansas City's top-rated newsradio station KMBZ is now on the Web, which means you can tune in at 7:20 a.m. Central time every Tuesday morning to hear Mr. TV Barn gabbing with the KMBZ anchors. Come to the link, and be on time as the segment only lasts three minutes: http://www.broadcast.com/radio/news/kmbz


Frequently asked questions

Q. Hey! What happened to LATE SHOW NEWS?

On February 17, 1999, its fifth anniversary, LATE SHOW NEWS was folded into the general-interest TV Barn website and e-mail list.

Q. But you're keeping the mailing list going?

That's right, only now instead of being devoted exclusively to late-night television, the LATE-SHOW-NEWS mailing list now delivers a large portion of that week's TV Barn website postings, plus the usual late-night line-ups from Sue Trowbridge's website.

The front portion of the weekly mailing -- sent out every Sunday night -- is the "bulldog edition" of TV Barn, containing all of that week's "Pick to Click" and "Show du Jour" selections, reader mail and other features that are prepared in advance.

What you won't get from the weekly mailing are any breaking news, overnight reviews or direct links to my stories that appear in the Kansas City Star. You'll have to come to TV Barn to get those, and naturally I encourage you to check in daily.

Q. I will, I promise! But tell me how to join the mailing list anyway.

Send a message to listserv@american.edu with this message:


Shortly thereafter you'll be mailed a confirmation message from the list-server. Simply reply to it with the message "OK" and you'll be added. If that doesn't work, send me mail and I'll get you on the list.

Q. Where are the archives for LATE SHOW NEWS?

The most recent issues are stored at the list-server's website. Older issues are posted at the LATE SHOW NEWS Broadcast Museum.


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