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Here now are our ten news flashes for this week:


1. Successful JTF Meeting To Launch Effort To Save Brave Serbs

The Jewish Task Force (JTF) had a highly successful meeting adjacent to the Serbian Church in Manhattan in which well over 100 participants reacted enthusiastically to a call for action against the war criminal Bill Clinton's genocidal campaign to destroy the Serb people.

JTF National Chairman Chaim Ben Pesach outlined some initial steps which should be taken to help build opposition to Clinton's insane bombing campaign in support of Muslim Nazis in the Balkans. This included a massive letter-writing effort to members of both houses of Congress. After last week's vote by the U.S. House of Representatives refusing to endorse Clinton's murderous anti-Christian bombing effort in Yugoslavia, it has become clear that supporters of the noble Serb cause have a real chance to build upon growing Congressional wariness about Clinton's failed war policies.

One touchy problem which Ben Pesach directly addressed at the meeting was Serb involvement with fringe Communist groups who have been organizing anti-war demonstrations. At an April rally organized by the Communist "International Action Center," supposedly to oppose the bombing in Serbia, Communist speakers devoted most of the rally to condemnations of imaginary police brutality in America and to support for convicted black Muslim Nazi cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal.

Ben Pesach warned our Serb allies at the meeting that with friends like these degenerate Communists, the Serbs do not need any enemies. Ben Pesach also sought to make clear that the true Kahanist Jews and righteous Gentiles of JTF would NEVER work with Communist demons under any circumstances. Since the Communists have scheduled two more rallies on this subject, it is clear that this will remain a touchy issue which could spoil cooperation between Kahanist Jews and righteous Gentiles on the one hand and Serbs on the other.

One final note to our web site readers: to find out about the historic campaign that we are planning to launch in order to prevent the Muslim Nazi takeover of southern Europe, it is essential to go to our web site every week. Our television shows are taped several weeks in advance and therefore will not be able to keep up with JTF's fast-moving pace of activities.

We will move forward with our effort on behalf of the Serbs even if we must do so on our own. We will explain further, in Article #4 below, why we must do this for the sake of America and Israel.

If only JTF would finally find that wealthy Jew or righteous Gentile who would provide us with the millions of dollars that we need to be on national television in America and Israel, Clinton and the Jew-hating, Serb-hating media would never be able to get away with their evil, dirty effort to annihilate the Serbs. Until we get the millions that we need, every check made out to "JTF" makes a huge difference.


2. What Happens When Police Trust Black Criminals

In 1995, four armed black criminals entered a Canarsie, Brooklyn bicycle store in order to stage a robbery. The store manager, sensing that a robbery was about to take place, left the store and went to a nearby pizzeria to call 911. When the manager returned, the black criminals tied up him and a store clerk.

Moments later, Police Officers Raymond Cannon and Kevin Murphy entered the store with their weapons drawn. One of the black criminals cleverly told the police that the call to 911 was a mistake and that he worked in the store.

As soon as the police officers put their guns away, another of the black criminals shot young Officer Cannon twice in the face. His partner, Officer Murphy, then heroically jumped on top of the mortally wounded Cannon to protect him and returned fire. In the end, one of the black beasts was killed by Officer Murphy's shots, but Officer Cannon did not survive.

JTF believes that the life of one Raymond Cannon is worth more than the lives of all of the black savages in the world. Police officers should NEVER trust black criminals. Doing so usually leads to police funerals.

We hope that this incident is remembered as the black Nazi lynch mob "trials" of brave and conscientious police officers get under way in the Abner Louima and Amadou Diallo cases. ALL of the police officers outrageously charged in these two kangaroo court cases are COMPLETELY INNOCENT. They should be acquitted on all counts.

We will explain further, in Article #5 below, about what happened to the three surviving black savages who murdered young Officer Cannon.

Those of us at JTF often look around to see if anyone else will bother to tell the truth about the growing anarchy and chaos that is taking control of American society. Unfortunately, we usually find ourselves alone in honestly grappling with the gravity of this nightmarish situation.

But we must not lose hope. WE are the still the majority in this country. WE can still turn the tide. All that is needed is a national voice to awaken that noble sleeping giant known as white America.

Which is why it is so important that you make out a generous check to "JTF" now and send it out immediately. Think of how much it will cost you and your loved ones if, G-d forbid, JTF does not succeed in becoming a national voice of salvation.


3. The Consequences Of Intermarriage For Both Jews And Gentiles

We have often mentioned that when Jews violate the Biblical mitzvah (commandment) against intermarriage with non-Jews, the consequences are always catastrophic for both Jews and Gentiles. We saw another example of this in the recent Colorado high school shootings.

One of the two Nazi mass murderers, Dylan Klebold, had a Jewish mother. In other words, under Jewish law, this miserable, murdering snake was a Jew. A Jew is defined in the Jewish religion as anyone born of a Jewish mother or converted al pi halacha (in accordance with Jewish law). Thus, the Nazi Klebold, who carried out this massacre to commemorate Adolf Hitler's birthday on April 20th, was a Jew.

Klebold's Jewish slut mother could not understand what happened to her son. "How could my son be a Nazi? He's half-Jewish, and [the Passover] seder is practiced in our home. He was still complaining about having to ask the Four Questions [part of the seder ceremony]."

Susan Klebold thinks that she can trample upon the Jewish religion, betray what G-d commanded His people to do, and then raise normal children. ALL intermarriage is strictly forbidden for Jews. It is ALWAYS a tragedy for the Jewish people that has led to the destruction of many Jewish souls.

And what we witnessed in Colorado shows that the twisted and sick results of such intermarriage also represent a tragedy for the Gentiles.

At a time when the intermarriage rate among American Jews has soared to 60%, and when the Jewish community is literally vanishing, imagine how much G-d will bless Jews and righteous Gentiles who make out their wills to "JTF". Leaving your estate to JTF provides the uncompromising forces of both Jewish and Gentile righteousness with the means necessary to fight the spiritual and educational battle that G-d demands that we wage.

ALL of the other so-called "Jewish" groups, including the so-called "Orthodox," are involved in such hideously cowardly activity that they are completely counterproductive to the cause of Jewish survival. That is why, among Jewish groups, it is JTF and ONLY JTF which merits your support.


4. Why We Must Back The Serbs

In Article #1 above, we note that there is a sensitive problem that has developed in JTF's contact with Serb groups. The desperate Serbs, fighting for their survival against all odds, essentially decided to accept support and assistance from any giver. This has meant that in America, they have made a deal with the devil by allowing the Communist "International Action Center" to organize demonstrations supposedly on their behalf.

These extremely counterproductive rallies only serve to alienate the many potential American supporters that the Serbs could be cultivating. JTF will NOT deal with Communists. We believe that no matter how desperate one is, when you deal with the devil, the consequences are always diabolical.

However, the vast majority of Serbs are not Communists and it is unfair to ignore their just cause simply because of the foolish miscalculation of some of their groups. Besides, there are many other vital reasons why we MUST enthusiastically back the Serbs.

First, the real reason for Clinton's evil war in Yugoslavia is to enable the "New World Order" traitors who run our government to prove that they can control whatever happens in the world and that small nations like Serbia had better not get in the way. If these traitors -- led by the ultimate traitor, Bill Clinton -- can crush little Serbia, it will be a lesson for all other small countries who dare to defy the UN-NATO diktat.

If Serbia is defeated, G-d forbid, it will be a devastating blow to AMERICAN sovereignty. For then the globalist Establishment forces who consider American sovereignty to be parochial and ridiculous, and who dream the nightmare of "One World" government under the United Nations, will be able to better sell their monstrous vision to an already brainwashed American public.

Only if America receives a serious bloody nose from the brave Serbs, as painful as it may be, will we have any hope of arousing the American people against further "One World" misadventures around the globe. Therefore, although they themselves do not realize it, the Serbs are actually fighting for the survival of a sovereign United States.

Second, the consequences of a Serb defeat would be especially catastrophic for tiny Israel. For Israel is next on the Clinton-UN-One World "hit list." Like Serbia, Israel stands in the way of "One World" objectives.

The One Worlders have an alliance with international Islam simply because they cannot hope to exert global control without the cooperation of this planet's more than one billion Muslims. Thus, an Axis similar to that of Japan and Germany in World War II has been hatched between the "One World" elitists who run Western regimes and the Muslim Nazis.

For little Israel to so humiliatingly defeat gigantic Muslim Nazi armies right in the middle of the Muslim world creates an intolerable dilemma. The Muslim Nazis demand that America and the West "deliver" the small Jewish State to them. That is why Clinton has already summoned whoever wins the upcoming election for Israeli Prime Minister to a new round of suicide talks with the Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat this coming June.

The pressure on Israel to commit suicide at this summit meeting will be overwhelming. G-d will be watching what takes place and there will be horrific punishment in store for both America and Israel if the Clinton-One World scheme to vivisect the Jewish homeland is successful, G-d forbid.

Thus, there is far more at stake than directly meets the eye in the Yugoslav conflict. All patriotic Americans and loyal Zionists have a sacred duty to be unwavering in their support for the courageous Serbs. In the end, our freedom and survival may be determined by what befalls the Serbs.

With so much at stake and no one else even recognizing what is happening, G-d will ask you some day whether or not you did everything in your power to zealously promote the JTF web site. It is urgent that you tell all friends, relatives and acquaintances, and urge them to tell their friends, relatives and acquaintances. Spread the word about the web site through e-mails, in chat rooms, through fliers, in faxes and by posting bulletins at your churches, synagogues and clubs.

We cannot afford to permit the public to continue to remain unaware of the life-and-death choices that are now upon us.


5. What Happens To Black Cop-Killers

In Article #2 above, we tell the story of the horrifying murder of heroic young Police Officer Raymond Cannon.

The three surviving black savages who murdered Cannon were all arrested and charged with a host of crimes.

One defendant, Demetrius Bennett, was 15 years old at the time of the offense and therefore could only face a maximum of nine years in prison under New York State's insane criminal laws. In other words, this despicable black animal will be out of prison at the age of 24 after forever snuffing out the life of Raymond Cannon.

We can thank kike New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who calls himself an Orthodox Jew, for blocking Republican attempts to change the law in order to ensure that violent juvenile criminals receive the same sentences as adults. We can also thank the Jewish Press, which calls itself an Orthodox newspaper, for literally worshipping this detestable rodent Silver, who richly deserves to get his brains blown out in order to save more worthy human life like Officer Cannon.

The other two defendants were brothers Vernon and Lavonne Smith. In another example of what a lunatic asylum this country has become, a day after his brother Vernon was convicted of murdering Officer Cannon, a separate jury acquitted Lavonne Smith of the same charge even though the evidence against the two was identical. The black savage jury in the Lavonne Smith trial, comprised of the same type of housing project criminals as the defendants, ignored the foolproof case against this vicious black animal.

It is long overdue that we overhaul our criminal justice system to exclude the welfare recipient savages who now dominate jury pools in major cities. Just as these beasts should have no right to vote and no right to become police officers, they should not be permitted to serve as jurors. A pre-condition for their continuing to receive taxpayer-funded welfare should be irreversible sterilization surgery for them and their children. And these are the nicest things that we would like to see happen to them.

It is long overdue for civilized Americans to stop apologizing for existing. We owe no apology to the animal savages who would be swinging on trees in the jungles of Africa had they not been fortunate enough to have been brought to this great country. Their good fortune has been our collective misfortune.

But it is NOT too late! If only we are prepared to wake up, unite and fight back for what is rightfully ours. This country is OURS. We have a right to take it back.


6. Elections, Israeli-Style

As bad as things are in the United States, one can never even begin to compare them to the horror show that is Israel.

After Aryeh Deri, the boss of the so-called "religious," pro-Arab Shas Party, was convicted on multiple counts of gross corruption, bribery and abuse of power in four separate indictments, political experts wondered how it would affect the Shas election campaign. There were literally lines of people waiting outside of Deri's office with cash bribes on a daily basis while he served as Interior Minister of Israel, an office which placed him in charge of police and law enforcement. Deri acknowledged taking taxpayer dollars and distributing them to his political cronies but insisted that this was done to alleviate their impoverishment.

What is the slogan of Deri and the Shas Party in the upcoming May 17th Knesset (Israeli Parliament) elections? "Shas: Honest leadership for Israel."

The National Religious Party (NRP), another clique of pseudo-religious whores who would convert to Islam for an extra Cabinet seat, are also running an interesting campaign commercial. In the commercial, one sees Knesset member Hanan Porat urging the audience to vote for the NRP. The only problem is that Porat has left the NRP, calling them all unprincipled political opportunists, and has joined a rival party.

The Porat statements were filmed during the 1992 election campaign. But the NRP does not bother to mention this fact to the audience. The audience is given the impression that Porat still backs the NRP.

Israeli voters have reacted to all of the deception, chicanery, thievery, lying and cheating with a huge collective yawn. Israelis know that all politicians in Israel are completely dishonest.

Israeli voters can hardly remember the last time an honest leader ran. After all, it has been quite a while. The last honest leader was Rabbi Meir Kahane running in 1984. Since then, honesty has been banned and outlawed in the "only democracy in the Middle East."


7. In Their Own Words (Part Four)

In December 1997, all 60 of the world's Muslim nations gathered in Teheran, Iran for an "Islamic Conference." The following are excerpts from the unanimous resolutions adopted. Since many of these Muslim nations receive many billions of dollars from the United States, while others supposedly have "treaties" with lunatic Israel, it is interesting to examine where these Muslims stand when they are honestly speaking to each other. Thus:

Kings and presidents have agreed to unified efforts at international and diplomatic levels to liquidate the consequences of the Zionist aggression and to ensure the withdrawal of the Jewish aggressor forces from all Muslim lands. Leaders of the Muslim world have resolved their total solidarity with the Arab struggle to restore Muslim control over our holy city Al Kuds [the Muslim term for "Jerusalem"]. Leaders of the Muslim world have resolved that Muslims shall not rest until the flag of Palestine flies over the minarets of every mosque in our Zionist-occupied land....

Muslim nations have informed the United States that they will not permit continued American interference in internal Muslim affairs. The United States must end the inhuman boycott of the Muslim people of Iraq. The United States forces in the Middle East must be withdrawn immediately. Furthermore, U.S. cooperation with the Zionists can only have a disastrous impact upon American-Muslim relations. Zionism seeks to gobble up the entire Middle East. The Zionist empire will someday stretch from the Euphrates River to Morocco unless Israeli expansionism is finally checked....

Muslim policy is to completely support our Arab brothers and sisters in their confrontation with both Zionism and its American imperialist benefactors. Zionism seeks to serve the Satanic objectives of American colonialism, which is why only the cleansing of the Zionist presence in the Middle East can lead to a genuine comprehensive settlement of this long-standing conflict....

Muslim policy at this stage has only two objectives. The first is the elimination of the 1967 aggression through Israeli withdrawal from all of the territories it occupied that year. The second objective is the elimination of the 1948 aggression by eliminating the State of Israel itself. This is, however, as yet an abstract, undefined objective and some Muslims have erred in beginning the latter step before the former....

JTF's comment: We reiterate that this declaration was signed by the foreign ministers of EVERY Muslim nation in the world, including Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey and other Muslim Nazi countries which the Arabist news media keeps referring to as "moderate."

8. The Truth About The Balkans (Part Twenty)

***Clinton, U.S. Implicated In Rape Of Krajina***

All hail the CIA! Long live the KLA! Gog bless the USA!

The North Atlantic Terror Organization (NATO) has been quick to claim that it is bombing Serbia into the last century for the sake of "humanitarianism," namely a desire to see "justice" done to "all sides" in the Balkans and "peace" established forever in the region. But the whole history of the West's recent involvement in the former Yugoslavia proves that exactly the opposite is the case -- that the ongoing American atrocities in the Kosovo war are only part of a larger pattern of outrageous lies and treachery by Western leaders kowtowing to the planet's Muslim Nazis in an effort to reshape it in the vision of their own League of Nations-style "New World Order."

Over the next few weeks, unless the fast-moving events in the Balkans overtake us, JTF will present its readers with a series of articles proving conclusively that the United States, led by the bulbous-nosed Traitor-in-Chief Bill Clinton and the pickle-nosed kike Madeline Albright, orchestrated the "ethnic cleansing" of Krajina, an extensive Serbian enclave of Croatia raped and pillaged by the Croatian Nazis and their NATO (that is, American) allies in the summer of 1995.

Although the U.S. has been clandestinely supporting separatist movements in the Balkans for decades, the "New World Order" American duplicity there began with the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia in the early 1990s and the outbreak of war between the three warring factions of Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia. Leaping at the chance to take advantage of the region's instability, the Western powers decided to heighten it by recognizing and supporting the "nationalist aspirations" of the Croatian and Bosnian Muslim Nazis over those of the Serbs, who had become the dominant power in the Balkans with the 1980 death of Tito.

Accordingly the traitors in the State Department and their cronies in NATO, the American intelligence community and the Arabist U.S. media -- an army of devils led first by then-President Bush and then by the supreme devil himself, Bill Clinton -- set about arming, training and FIGHTING SIDE BY SIDE with the Jew-hating neo-fascist mass murderers who were Hitler's allies in World War II and who are now thanks to America's help Nazism's stronghold in, and Islam's bridgehead into, modern-day Europe.

In future articles, JTF will cover in detail the disgusting, criminal role which America played in enabling the Muslim Nazis of Bosnia to rob much of that country from its rightful possessors, the Bosnian Serbs. Many of the same players in the present-day Kosovo outrage -- Bill Clinton, Madeline Albright, Richard Holbrooke, William Walker and Peter Galbraith, to name but a few -- were also up to their necks in the Bosnian lie, and the twisted tale of their prevarication and scheming would be worthy of volumes of exposure in a truly free media.

As much as Christiane Amanpour of CNN Nazi News would like to believe that it was her slanted reporting which brought the "plight" of the Bosnian Muslim Nazis to the world's attention, her efforts were only one small part of a carefully crafted scheme, reaching to the highest levels of the American government -- indeed into the polluted sanctum of the Oval Office itself -- to grant the Muslim Nazi demons who now terrorize Bosnia their first Western-sanctioned government in the heart of Western civilization.

For the present, however, JTF will concentrate its attention on a similarly unholy alliance with America which allowed the Croatian Nazis, the former Balkan stormtroopers of Hitler, to establish their own fascist dictatorship in southeastern Europe -- a process of "nationalist rebirth" which, in a joint military assault of August 1995 conducted by the Croatian Nazi army and the U.S. Air Force under the aegis of NATO (and entitled, appropriately enough, "Operation Storm"), resulted in the murders of thousands of Serbs and the expulsion of hundreds of thousands from their homeland of Krajina, the ancient Serbian enclave of Croatia.

First, a bit of history about the Croats. They are a Slavic people who like the Serbs migrated into the Balkans after the fall of the Roman Empire. And, again like the Serbs -- but unlike the Bosnian Muslim Nazis -- they managed to remain free of Islam while the Turk was rampaging in medieval Europe. After World War I, with the Turk chased back to Constantinople and the Yugoslav nation created, the notorious terrorist group known as the Ustasha arose in Croatia, seeking "peaceful autonomy" from Yugoslavia in much the same manner as the Albanian Kosovars of the KLA are now seeking theirs -- through propaganda, assassination and other forms of violence (including the murder of King Alexander of Yugoslavia in 1934). As JTF has indicated in prior postings, the Ustasha was one of the best friends which Hitler had in the Balkans, willingly participating in the genocide which took place there against the hundreds of thousands of Serbs and tens of thousands of Jews murdered by the Germans.

To be continued.


9. If JTF Ran Israel's Government (Part Eight)

We are often asked by many Jews and righteous Gentiles, who are indeed alarmed at the insane and suicidal policies of Israel, what WE would do if we were running the Government. The following is the latest in a series of articles explaining some of the steps that we would take to redeem Israel, America and the world:

Along with every other aspect of what the traitor Jewish leadership in Israel does, the country's foreign policy is utterly insane. Israel consistently backs the forces of evil in the world, who among other things seek the destruction of the Jewish people.

For instance, Israel provides its most sophisticated military technological advances (which are quite substantial) to Muslim Nazi Turkey. The Israelis think that they are being clever. They figure that the Turkish Muslims and the Arab Muslims do not like each other (which is true), and that this dislike is so strong that they would actually betray the Muslim cause in support of Israel (which is NOT true).

Israel also is constantly trying to curry favor with Third World banana republic scum in Africa, Asia, Latin America and elsewhere by sending all types of expensive and advanced technical assistance to help these Jew-hating countries militarily, economically and agriculturally.

In addition, Israel spends huge sums of money maintaining embassies and consulates in every pathetic and worthless little country just to pretend that she is not as isolated as she really is. Israel's hundreds of embassies, diplomatic missions and consulates notwithstanding, ALL of the countries which have these relations with the Jewish State are nevertheless completely pro-Arab and anti-Jewish. But the kikes get all excited and thrilled just to know that they have diplomatic "relations" with Jew-hating nations who openly back their enemies.

Finally, Israel is constantly sending "humanitarian" missions to very inhumane places. For example, the Israelis are even now continuing to airlift huge supplies and send military personnel to assist the Albanian Muslim Nazis. When the heroic Serbs, who were genuine friends of the Jews during the Holocaust, were facing genocide from the Croatian and Muslim Nazis, the Israeli "humanitarians" were nowhere to be found.

If JTF ran Israel's Government, none of Israel's military secrets would be sold or shared with her Muslim Nazi enemies, such as Turkey.

Israel would not send technical missions to assist starving Africans and other hideous barbarians with Jewish money and Jewish know-how. If anything, our philosophy in regard to Jew-hating Third World savages would be: the more starvation, the better.

As for diplomatic missions and consulates, we would reduce this budgetary burden to only a fraction of its present size. Currently, Israel wastes hundreds of millions of dollars a year on maintaining hundreds of counterproductive offices and missions around the world. We would redirect this money toward making Israel militarily self-sufficient and toward creating the spending reductions necessary to eliminate Israel's oppressive income tax.

The final waste comes in the form of the phony "humanitarian" missions. Truly humanitarian missions would be sent to help Serbs, not Muslim Nazis. Israel would NEVER assist evil nations that long for her annihilation.

The end result would be billions of dollars in savings and no assistance to Israel's enemies. That would make Israel stronger, safer, more prosperous and more Jewish in the moral decisions that she has to make as a nation.

To be continued.


10. How Can We Not Believe?

And He will set up a sign for the nations, and will assemble the dispersed of Israel, and gather together the scattered of Judah from the four corners of the earth. (Isaiah 11:12)

After 2,000 years of wandering, persecution, crusades, pogroms, blood libels, expulsions, inquisitions and finally the Holocaust, the Jewish people returned to the land of their forefathers. The above prophecy, written by Isaiah more than 2,500 years ago, is fulfilled.

Where in the annals of history has a story like this ever been told? It would be like the American Indians taking back the United States after 2,000 years. Where anywhere in the world has an expelled and decimated nation been scattered to the four corners of the earth to return to the same land, speaking the same language, with the same name and the same religion after 20 centuries?

This never happened to any other people because it could not happen without the repeated miraculous intervention of G-d. And the Bible, through prophets like Isaiah, told us thousands of years ago that this astonishing and unique Jewish odyssey would come about. After seeing it with our own eyes, how can any Jew or righteous Gentile not believe?

Every word in the Bible is true.

Jews must learn their religion in order to observe all 613 mitzvot (commandments). And righteous Gentiles must learn these words in order to fulfill their very important mission. For the verse above starts out by noting that G-d's gathering of the long-dispersed Jewish exiles is meant to be "a sign for the nations."

"Nations" in Hebrew is goyim, which also means Gentiles. Thus, G-d did all of these spectacular things to bring the Jews back to His land after 2,000 years so that the Gentiles would have a sign that unmistakably proves His Omnipotence.

Have the Gentiles understood the power of this sign? Have the Jews?

Now that you have seen a sample of the issues involved, you -- the good Jew or righteous Gentile -- may be asking:

How Can I Help?

The Jewish Task Force is a group of religious Zionists, both Jewish and Gentile, followers of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, committed to saving Israel from the madmen and traitors who are surrendering it to its Arab Nazi enemies. JTF also wants to save America from its own treasonous leaders, Bill Clinton and his clique of self-hating Jews and other leftist vermin.

The destinies of Israel and America are inextricably intertwined and neither good Jews nor righteous Gentiles should think themselves safe in a world growing more evil and dangerous by the day.

To help us, you can do the following:

1) Help us with your generous financial support:

Our group works miracles with a pitifully meager budget, but we could turn the world upside down for the better if we had a tithe of the resources enjoyed by such traitors as the United "Jewish" Appeal (known to Jewish activists as the United Jihad Appeal) and the New York Nazi Times. We were the Jewish Defense League (JDL) leaders who led the ferocious war of liberation in the '70s and '80s to blast through the Soviet Nazi Iron Curtain and free over 1,000,000 Russian Jews who now live in Israel. We are the true Kahanist Jews who have become the main obstacle to tiny Israel continuing to surrender the little land that she has.

Where is that wealthy good Jew or righteous Gentile, as yet undiscovered by us, who will see the justness of our cause -- and the effectiveness of our means -- and give us the millions of dollars demanded by a struggle of this magnitude? If only we had roughly $5,000,000 (a mere pittance compared to the hundreds of millions of dollars that self-hating Jewish Establishment groups possess), we would then have adequate resources to reach every Jew in Israel. Even leftist polls indicate that our message would be extremely popular among a huge segment of Israeli Jews. A recent survey by the leftist Kol Yisrael (the Voice of Israel radio station) showed a majority of Israeli Jews favor encouraging Arabs to leave Israel and denying Israeli Arabs the right to vote. We are the only Jews who support these majority positions, and therefore, if we could reach the entire Israeli public with our platform, it would only be a matter of time before we would be able to rise to power. Imagine what a glorious place in history awaits the wealthy Jew or righteous Gentile who provides us with the needed millions to take power and thereby save Israel!

Until we get the millions of dollars that we need to actually take power in Israel, and thereby save both Israel and America, we also need the checks for $10, $18, $36, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 and so on from righteous people who themselves do not have millions but who dream as we do of bringing about the final and complete redemption of mankind as prophesied in the Bible.

Currently, most of our support comes from righteous Gentiles, not Jews. This fact should bring shame to this evil generation of Jews.

To receive G-d's greatest blessing; to create an Israel that will truly be "a light unto the nations"; to save America from her deadliest and most dangerous enemies, the Muslim Nazis and their cowardly leftist enablers, support us with a generous check made out to "JTF" and send it to our mailing address:


POB 650327

Fresh Meadows NY 11365

2) Get involved in the Victor Vancier case:

Help us to obtain Israeli citizenship for one of our spokesmen, Victor Vancier (whose Hebrew name is Chaim Ben Pesach).

Although Israel makes much of its "Law of Return" (the praiseworthy guarantee that any Jew, from anywhere in the world, has a home there), Mr. Vancier, a Zionist dissident guilty of no crime in Israel, has been denied entrance to his sacred soil. It is an insult to democratically-minded people everywhere as well as another blatant example -- hardly the first or last -- of the willingness of Israel's Arab-coddling leaders to oppress Jewish patriots while giving the red carpet to bloodstained Islamic butchers committed to the destruction of Israel and the rest of the non-Muslim world.

Under the tutelage of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane of blessed memory, Victor Vancier served as National Chairman of the Jewish Defense League during the 1980s, spearheading its effort to free more than 1,000,000 Soviet Jews persecuted behind the Iron Curtain. His bombing attacks on Russian diplomatic property brought the issue of Soviet Jewry to the world's attention and started an exodus which rivalled in scope and splendor, if not in outright miracles, the Biblical one. His exploits were called "amazing" by contemporary journalists.

Incarcerated for five and a half years in a series of maximum security federal penitentiaries, Mr. Vancier emerged from his ordeal undaunted and ready to assume the leadership of the Jewish Task Force. For the past seven years, he has labored mightily to save Israel from its enemies -- and itself -- and the U.S. from creeping moral rot and looming catastrophe. In particular, he has brought his talents as an eloquent speaker and informed debater to certain controversial and politically incorrect television programs which command larger audiences in New York than many national broadcasts and which have been the subject of national television news coverage on numerous occasions.

Most people might assume that someone like Victor Vancier, a man whose resume reads like pages from a better age, would be treated like a hero by the people for whom he risked life and limb. Unfortunately, common sense is not common among Jews. To make a long story short, Mr. Vancier has been treated like a pariah by the Israeli government and American Jewish establishment. They will not support his work -- indeed, they sabotage it at every turn, to the best of their ability -- and they stand steadfastly together in preventing him from fulfilling his dream, the attainment of Israeli citizenship. They know very well that, as a citizen of the Jewish homeland, he would provide a powerful voice of leadership in the struggle of Judaism's supporters against the present Bolshevik regime.

Every Jew is commanded to live in the land of Israel. It is a religious obligation which the Zionist Jew regards with especial seriousness. But Mr. Vancier, an American citizen with a valid passport and guilty of no crime in Israel, is forbidden to set foot there while modern-day Hitlers like the fanatically anti-American Yasser Arafat are made welcome and while Arab murderers of Jewish women and children bear arms as members of the PLO terror "police" and preach the destruction of Israel from the podium of the Knesset (the Israeli parliament) as though it were the minaret of a mosque. There can be no clearer evidence of the suicidal hypocrisy and blatant treachery of Israel's present-day leadership than its mistreatment of Mr. Vancier and other G-d-fearing Jewish dissidents.

In July of 1996, Mr. Vancier attempted to visit Israel. He was arrested immediately upon his arrival at the Tel Aviv airport and confined incommunicado in a cell without a toilet. He was starved, repeatedly threatened and -- in defiance of international law -- forbidden to contact the American Consulate or an attorney. His family was told that he had never arrived in Israel, an outright lie which naturally frightened them greatly. After twenty-four hours of this deplorable and illegal mistreatment, he was summarily expelled from the country.

As an American citizen with a valid passport and no criminal record in Israel, Mr. Vancier was mistreated there solely because he disagrees with Israel's self-destructive policy of surrender to the Muslim foe, an enemy so implacable in its hatred for Jews and other non-Muslims that anybody but a self-deluder or traitor can see the threat to world peace. Many U.S. senators and congressmen have said exactly the same thing about the Muslim enemy. If they were Israeli citizens -- Mr. Vancier's case demonstrates it clearly -- these legislators would be in jail right now.

Mr. Vanicer can become an Israeli citizen only with your help. To fight the discrimination which his dissidence has earned him -- and which in any truly democratic state would have no bearing on his case -- write letters to your senators and representative in Congress, to the important Jewish newspapers and to the prime minister of Israel asking them to explain the Israeli government's illegal actions to your satisfaction.

3) Write to your senators and congressmen:

Write to your senators and congressmen to protest the fact that a loyal Zionist Jew and a loyal American citizen, Victor Vancier, is barred from Israel after being brutally mistreated there while the Arab Hitler, Yasser Arafat, and over 2,000,000 Arab Nazis are welcome in the "Jewish" state. Please make reference to the details of the case as explained above.

Address your letters to your senators -- you have two! -- as follows:

The Honorable [your senator's full name]
United States Senate
Washington DC 20510

And use the following salutation:

Dear Senator [your senator's last name],


Address your letter to your congressman as follows:

The Honorable [your congressman's full name]
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington DC 20515

And use the following salutation:

Dear Congressman [your congressman's last name],


You only have to write one letter. Just change the addresses and salutations. If you are not Jewish, be sure to mention that fact in your letter (letters from non-Jews on behalf of a Jewish dissident carry greater weight than letters from Jews). And be sure to send a copy, together with any answer(s) received from your legislators, to our mailing address.

4) Write letters to the Jewish Press:

The Jewish Press is America's largest-selling Jewish newspaper. Write letters to its editor protesting the persecution of Victor Vancier and ask that readers of the newpaper also get involved in the case. Again, if you are not Jewish, please say so in your letters.

Address your letters as follows:

Letters to the Editor
The Jewish Press
338 Third Ave.
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11215


A potent molder of opinion in New York's Orthodox community, the Jewish Press is consulted by politicians of every stripe, at every level of government. If published, your letters will be read by many influential observers.

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With love of Israel,

 Aryeh ben Moishe, National Communications Director