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Market Yourself
Rob Sullivan explains how to market yourself the same  way successful companies market products. Join our chat on Wednesday, May 12.

Erik Van Slyke explained how to resolve conflicts by listening.

Jennifer White, our community Success Coach, explained how to Double Your Income

starting your business chats
We had a fantastic series of chats about starting your business. Read the transcripts to see what you missed.
creating luck key to success
Most people say their careers came by luck, not planning. How about yours? Join the discussion in our Career newsgroup.
relax with us after work
Join our Happy Hour chat weekday evenings to unwind with friends and get help with problems.
ask your mentors
Get help with a problem, or share your experience to help others in this newsgroup.
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Stay informed about community news - send a message with the word "subscribe."
thought for the day
Daily quotes... provocative and entertaining.

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