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- Children's Educational and Game Software -

Toddler Fun
Nine learning games for very young children (ages 2 to 5). $14.95
Complete description
Early Learning
A wide variety of 14 learning games for kids 3 through 7. $14.95
Complete description
Primary Learning
Fourteen educational exercises for children aged 6 through 14. $14.95
Complete description
Spelling Games
Eight spelling games you can play with your own words. $14.95
Complete description
Math Basics
Twelve programs covering basic math with numbers and fractions. $14.95
Complete description
Science Fair
Ten real-world applications of physics and math, ages 9-16. $14.95
Complete description
Logic Games for Kids
Fourteen thinking games for Grades K through 8.  $14.95
Complete description
Holiday Fun for Kids
Twelve learning games with a winter holiday theme, ages 3-12.  $14.95
Complete description
Bingo Fun
Play Bingo on your home computer - print your own cards. $9.95
Complete description

- Visual Basic Programming Tutorials -

Visual Basic for Kids
A complete, fun, interactive introduction to Visual Basic. $19.95
Complete description
Beginning Visual Basic   NEW!!
A step-by-step introduction to computer programming. $19.95
Complete description
Learn Visual Basic 5
A self-paced, comprehensive tutorial of Visual Basic 5.  $19.95
Complete description
Learn Visual Basic 6
A self-paced, comprehensive tutorial of the new Visual Basic 6. $19.95
Complete description

- Home and Hobby Software -

Weight Tracker
A simple program to help you track your weight. $9.95
Complete description
Weather Tracker
Follow temperature and precipitation trends. $9.95
Complete description
Team Tracker
Follow your favorite sports team's progress. $9.95

Complete description

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