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Jobs Presents OS Roadmap. At the Worldwide Developers Conference May 10, Steve Jobs and Avie Tevanian will present an overview of Apple’s software roadmap, including an in-depth look at Apple’s next-generation operating system. [Apr 29]

AppleMasters at WWDC. Sinbad, Herbie Hancock, Paul Davis and John Knoll will speak at the Worldwide Developers Conference May 10, offering a glimpse of their passion for and use of Macintosh technology. [Apr 26]

Mac OS Anthology. ADC introduces our first DVD-ROM based product: Mac OS Anthology, a collection of Mac OS system software installers from System 7.0 to Mac OS 8.5 and beyond. This one-of-a-kind collection includes Mac OS installers for over 25 languages, and will be updated with new Mac OS releases as they become available. [Mar 31]

Mac OS X Server for ADC Members. Mac OS X Server 5-Client is the complete copy of the Mac OS X Server software, with all documentation available in electronic form. Qualified ADC Members may purchase now from the ADC Member Site. [Mar 16]

MACWORLD Expo NYC. It's just around the corner and will be here before you know it. Be sure to check out the great exhibitor discounts and services from IDG Expos Management. And don't miss the other cool services and discounts to help your company get the most from your presence on the show floor. [Mar 1]


Join the Apple Developer Connection. Our convenient online registration system (at allows ADC members worldwide to manage their own accounts. Members can quickly and easily edit personal profiles, purchase products and services, and transfer program assets to other ADC members. You'll find details on the Programs page. [Nov 4]

ADC Student Program. The Apple Developer Connection (ADC) Student Program gives higher education students around the world affordable access to the tools and technical resources they need to begin developing the next-generation of Macintosh products. You may also purchase a Student Gift Membership. [Apr 15]

Introduction to Macintosh Programming. New to the Mac? New to developing Java on the Mac? We have put together comprehensive web pages for those of you starting out or curious about the possibilities.
Intro to Macintosh
Intro to Mac and Java. [Apr 15]

Developer Resources in Europe. Want to develop for the European market? Need information on European countries? Need a list of distributors? We have put together a special web area complete with everything you need to get started. [Feb 6]

Macintosh Products Guide. Take advantage of this free co-marketing opportunity to reach customers around the world -- register your products! You can make your product stand out even more by participating in our Developer Ads and Promos program.

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