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GameSpot's Milia News
ECCSELL Awards Name Winners

CANNES - What's the true measure of success? At Thursday night's ECCSELL award ceremony held in the very posh Carlton Hotel, success was measured in terms of dollars and cents.

And who was the richest of them all?

Here's the lineup of ECCSELL (European Computers & Consoles Software Edutainment & Leisure Leaders) award winners and their revenues in Euros for 1998.

Gold Awards
15 million Euro +

Grand Theft Auto
17 million Euro +

Formula 1 98
20 million Euro +

Resident Evil 2
29 million Euro +

Flight Simulator 98
15 million Euro +

Age of Empires
15 million Euro +

V Rally
22 million Euro +

Anno 1602
15 million Euro +

Colin McRae Rally
30 million Euro +

TOCA Touring Car
21 million Euro +

Tomb Raider II
39 million Euro +

Tomb Raider
26 million Euro +

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines
16 million Euro +

World Cup 98
48 million Euro +

FIFA: Road to the World Cup 98
37 million Euro +

Tekken 3
36 million Euro +

Spyro the Dragon
20 million Euro +

Crash Banicoot
17 million Euro +

Crash Bandicoot 3
15 million Euro +

The Legend of Zelda
39 million Euro +

Banjo & Kazooie
26 million Euro +

Super Mario 64
21 million Euro +

F1 World Grand Prix
20 million Euro +

GoldenEye 007
19 million Euro +

Diddy Kong Racing
15 million Euro +

50 million Euro +

Platinum Awards
Gran Turismo
66 million Euro +

Tomb Raider III
68 million Euro +

With the Euro valued at about US$1.13, Tomb Raider earned about US$74 million, while Formula 1 98 earned about $22 million in the European marketplace.

Notice that seven of the 28 awarded games are Nintendo games - the highest number of awards for any one company.

By Staff, GameSpot


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