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list · ol · o · gy, n., 1. An anthology of lists. 2. A place where everyone can share with the world his or her own lists of best and worst (and all things in between) movies, books, and music. 3. A place where anyone can search those lists in the hopes of finding something to watch, read, or listen to.

Listology highlights:

First and foremost, this site lives to help you find all manner and variety of lists relating to movies, books, and music. You can click on "search" to your left at any time to dive right in.

List contributions are always welcome, so please take a moment to create some! Maybe "The Best Mystery Novels of All Time," or "The Most Over-hyped Albums of the 90s," or "The Best Movies NOT Made In Hollywood." It's entirely up to you. Click on "my lists" to make your contributions. You'll have to create a user ID and password, but we ask for no personal information whatsoever.

However, if you want to provide personal information so that folks can judge your lists in accordance with your character, or to funnel folks to your home page, or to encourage e-mail feedback to your lists, you have that option. "my profile" is the place to do that.

And of course, "help" is available whenever you need it, and if you're curious about the whos and whys of this site, "about" will provide those answers. At any time, you can click on "The Listology" title bar above to return to this screen.

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