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Gameboy Printer Emulator

current Version: V1.3, released on 07-Sept-98
prelease version V2.0 available since 01-Jan-99

Copyright 1998 by Matrin Eyre

the guy on this pic is martin eyre

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The Gameboy Printer Emulator is a program to transfer images from the Gameboy Camera to a PC via a parallel Gameboy -to- PC cable (infos on how to build it is included in the zip file)

The current version enables you to transfer images to the pc, store them in various formats and print them out with the Gameboy Printer (via a modified cable)

DOWNLOAD version V1.3


DOWNLOAD version V2.0
This is a pre-release of the newest version of the Gameboy Printer Emulater. Check it out to see what new features are to come (transfer, albums, editing, better user interface, ...). A lot of features don't work yet, but according to Jeff it should be finished by the end of January '99.


Jeff Frohwein's Gameboy Technical Page


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updated on 18-09-1998