Peter Berg's Remarks
At the Summer of Love 30th Anniversary Celebration
October 12, 1997
Beach Chalet Meadow, Golden Gate Park
San Francisco

Emcee: I'm sure you won't be disappointed with our next speaker. He is the founder of the Planet Drum Foundation, also one of the original founders of, and an original Digger. Please welcome Mr. Peter Berg.

Peter: All right. When the Diggers said that a half a million people were coming to San Francisco for the Summer of Love, we almost said it just to hear it. And when that actually happened and when more than a half a million people had passed through San Francisco and when millions of people had picked up the whole idea of psychedelic and, dare I say, hippie consciousness, it was an amazing phenomenon.

All of us here are part of that phenomenon. It was a great historical moment in human consciousness. If you think about everything that has flowed forward from that period in cultural things — in terms of food, and art and music, natural medicine, and language — how people's language has changed. It was an enormous shift from the idea that people were dominating to the idea that people were sharing. And when a hippie took a toke and laid back and said, "Hey man, everything's just, everything, you know." That eventually became "Everything is connected to everything" and that all of us are part of the living biosphere — that we have an ecological identity as human beings.

So today, on Indigenous People's Day ... Indigenous People's Day! Let's hear it. Here in Shasta Bioregion, an independent country of North America — yes! Where the Diggers live on as Food Not Bombs, giving food to homeless people. And invoking the name of our poet laureate, Gary Snyder, who was part of the Summer of Love, but can't be here today because of family illness. Join me now in declaring that our history will flow forward and become manifest when San Francisco becomes a Green City. I want you to help me bring this into existence by saying "Green City." [Audience responds, "Green City."] I want the mayor to hear it. [Audience responds, "Green City."] I want the rest of North America to hear it. [Audience responds, "Green City."] And help Planet Drum Foundation's Green City Project to bring it about.

Happy 30th.