Allison "Nilly": She was the brain child of our entire Boycott Titanic revolution. Salute. She's also a bitter troll.

Richieu: Because he'll be mad if I don't say something about him.

Myrtle: Because Myrtle is one with me.

Heidi: Because she is my precious little dachshund.

Ryan "Maverick": Just for being Ryan because that's all he can be. You're rather entertaining, old chap. The Dark Man is coming.

Jennifer "Henny": For being the biggest loser I know. You are a hen and nothing more. You are obsessed with nasty people. You like Leonardo DiCaprio. You like Titanic. You even like Celine Dion! What the hell is the matter with you??? Well, we aren't going to hold all that against you. You are still a pal and save me from the coconut pie.

Lindsay: For knowing pi. Not the coconut kind either. And because of her broth--*SLAP*

Wilson: Because he is always on top of Rae.

Rae: Hey Rae, what do you say?

Marsi: Because she made up the Johnny White and Mikey Coe song.

Jennifer "JB": Because she is a freaking chicken leg and has a cool car that I get to ride in sometimes.

The Guys at Chili's in G-Town: For giving me, Marsi, JB, and (not necessarily) Rae a thrilling time as always!

Zandar: Sure, eh...why not?

Ouija: Because Ouija knows all

Greg's Camero: For giving me and Rae something to set our goal for

Kenny "Fairy Boy": I guess...just for being so Pro-Titanic it made me want to turn Anti-Titanic. You're really another main reason for the site too but I guess you know that. Yes, the whole reason of this site is to tick Kenny off. I drown in my own horrid guilt.

Aaron: Just to prove that I don't hate you. As long as you don't talk to me about #@%$+ Look...the censor bleeped out that bad word I was about to say. Also, I have all your books. I must say most of them are incredibly fucked up.

Channing: For helping me defy the resource officers, lie about my religion, and finally get up the forbidden stairs! Hell yeah!

Henry: Because he's cool to play with in the car (that sounded really nice)

Glitter Boy: Because my nails match your face

The Totem: Because it will be living with me someday and not Ryan. I will never give up.

The Iranian Women: For helping me discover "The Iranian War Cry"

The coconut pie: For occasionally appearing and forcing me to eat it

Boba Fett: He was excellent and because I really don't know why he was in the movie and neither does anyone else

The guy that hits the propeller: Because, man, you are the coolest guy in that movie. My second viewing of Titanic was all because of you!

Da Mink: For being with me on those cold nights

Eddie: For being tall and freaky. fine.

Karl: fine. Want to touch.

Perrita Pequinia: For being so little and loud

The Perro Malo: For scaring me out of my mind and keeping me from a fearless night for the rest of my life.

Buddy: Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

The Clemson Tigers: For getting rid of half my family every Saturday during football season.

I would also like to thank the following people for being on the Scavenger Hunt (@ F.A.G.G. and just in general):
Radioactive Man
Little Jewish Boy
Glitter Boy (hey, "he" deserved to be thanked twice)
Craiggy Locks
The Three Gradys
John Popper
Red-haired Slut
Ugly Bob
The Ice Queen
Princess Spleen
The Leprechaun
My hero, Jeb
The Dark Angel---*newsflash* The Dark Angel has officially become the strongest cripple on earth!
The Pepsi King
The Pepsi Kids
Hoffbeast=The woman with the watermelon head
Dark Horse
Crusty the Clown
Cro-Magnon Man
Mr. Sowell
Mr. Sowell's P.A. system

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