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Elizabeth Marsano

Green Independent Candidate

for Maine state representative


District 30

Portland, Maine


Her Background

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Elizabeth "Betsy" Marsano
Green Independent
House District #30

Betsy Marsano offers real choice to residents of Long Island and Munjoy Hill. A Green Independent with strong ties to the community, Betsy is known for her advocacy and dedication on issues that concern us all.

Education needs to be addressed as a life-long process. The more we invest in early childhood education and the primary grades, the better. Re-thinking school funding begins with looking at what works and making it better.

Health care is a right of every citizen. Current programs leave too many residents of District 30 and all of Maine uninsured. Talking about what works isn't enough. We need to begin to see what works.

A living wage is the only wage that matters. Increasing the minimum wage 15 or 25 cents at a time is not enough. The long term goal of wage increases needs to be full access to and participation in the economic life of the community.

A healthy economy exists only in a healthy environment. Continued safeguarding for the environment promotes economic sufficiency and minimizes health risks for everyone. You can't have one without the other.


130 Eastern Promenade 6

Portland, ME 04101


Dear Friend,

You may know by now that I decided to run for the state legislature in District 30 this year. It was not an easy decision to make. The time and effort involved are worth it, though, in view of the difference I can make once elected.

I decided to run because I don't think the current representation, or my opponent, really understand the need to do things differently. As we head toward the millenium, we need representation that works for the people. We need representation that knows there is health care crisis. We need representation committed to community-based economic development. We need representation open to creative mechanisms for school funding. And we need representation that believes the environment should not be sacrificed to provide them.

I am the candidate who meets the above criteria. As a member of the working poor, I know what it's like to live with the fear of getting sick. I know what it's like to lose the good paying jobs with benefits in your area and see them replaced by temporary work with no benefits. I know what it's like to see boarded up stores where once there was a thriving economic community. And I know what it's like to have the environment degraded in the name of progress.

I can make a difference. I accept no PAC money and, because I am a member of the working poor, I can give, at the most, no more than $300 to my own campaign. I'm asking for your help and that you give no more than $300. Maine and District 30 deserve representation that knows the problems facing them. Someone who lives them, not just talks about them. But it takes more than knowledge and commitment to get elected. It takes money. Will you help?

Your contribution will provide me the funds to continue my campaign. Brochures, flyers, buttons all cost money. Transportation to events and around the district costs money. Media costs money. My goal is to raise $5000, the amount allowed under the Clean Election Law. I'm progressive enough to commit to it now. Please, help me prove there is a better way. Make your checks or money orders payable to:


130 Eastern Promenade 6

Portland, ME 04101


Thank you,

Betsy Marsano

Green Independent Candidate for House District 30