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NATO's Apache helicopters and Tomahawk missiles have prevailed against ethnic cleansing. [Marty points out, "Irony anyone?"] And America's hegemony increases. If we are determined to be the policeman of the world, beware the Police State that Amerika is becoming. Meanwhile, the 60s Diggers and the 90s Diggers (Food Not Bombs, No Penny Opera) came together at the film showing that Judy and Ralif planned for Alice and Celine's film Les Diggers de San Francisco. The English Digger occupation of St. George Hill has ended but read details of continuing actions by clicking here.
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Les Diggers de San Francisco.
Un film de Céline Deransart et Alice Gaillard.
Paris, 1998.

[The film showing Sunday, June 13, 1999, at Cell, 2050 Bryant St./SF, was spectacular. Thank you Judy, Ralif, and the whole Cell crowd.]


The Digger Archives is an ongoing Web project to preserve and present the history of the anarchist guerilla street theater group that challenged the emerging Counterculture of the Sixties and whose actions and ideals inspired (and continue to inspire) a generation (of all ages) to create models of Free Association.

News History is a cycle: the diggers have re-occupied St. George's Hill in Surrey, England (350 years to the day after the original action). Read updates on this action from our English clan.

And, for a view of where the bioregional (a word they invented) wing of the diggers ended up, check out Planet Drum Foundation's new web page (at last!) with the beginnings of an archive that documents the history which continues from where we leave off. Update on Planet Drum web, April 1999: Peter Berg sent a final dispatch from the Eco-Gathering in Ecuador.

Coming soon! Chuck Gould has donated photos he shot of the diggers from 1966-70. I'll be scanning these soon to open a photo gallery, something we've been sorely lacking. Thanks, Chuck.

Also am redesigning the web site to make it more easily "navigable". Hope to have the new version of the digger web ready in the next few weeks (4/22/99). [And, thanks Arthur for the notes about problems on the web. Hopefully I'll get all those fixed.]

Traveled throughout Ancient Anasaziland last summer. Pics are up at Anyone interested in planning a vision quest sometime in the next year? The Free City News needs items, send me anything you'd like posted.

Go to the What's New page to find out what's been added to the Archive recently.

Archives Who were the Diggers? First read an overview of the group, this Archive, this Web. Then delve into the Archives for the story of the Diggers through primary source materials: broadsides, leaflets, pamphlets, and posters, and other items. Several individuals are working on various histories. Free Fall Chronicles are six chapters from Peter Coyote's new book Sleeping Where I Fall. Ramon Sender has contributed Home Free Home, the history of Morningstar, Wheeler's Ranch and the Free Land Movement. Etan Ben-Ami is editing a Digger Oral History project he has been compiling for ten years. Also, check out the Digger Virtual Tour (under construction, 3/98). Upcoming: the Timeline.

Highlights from the Archives:

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Video capture image of Emmett at Dolores Park

Emmett Grogan Raps On Free City (an audio clip from the Digger film Nowsreal):

(The audio and video recordings now have their own page.)

"When comes the time to leave this world someday, what you get to keep is what you gave away."