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Some notes on Year2000 and DOS
posted by jhall 7/Oct/99
Some notes on the year 2000 and DOS: Technote051

Technote: Memory management problems
posted by jhall 7/Oct/99
John Price (kernel maintainer) posted this note to the FreeDOS Mailing List. There seems to be something wrong with the memory management in the kernel. Any help would be appreciated! Technote050

Technote: deleted files
posted by jhall 7/Oct/99
John Price posted this to the FreeDOS mailing list about how DOS deals with deleted files. For reference, I thought I would post it here. Technote049

FreeDOS forum on MSN
posted by jhall 5/Oct/99
Brent Metzler wrote: Cool, what a coincidince. FreeDOS has its own forum on MSN
Jim Hall adds: Now that's recognition from the big boys! In Microsoft's own words: "DOS is still a viable choice for millions of computers worldwide and FreeDOS offers an alternative to commercial DOS operating systems."

Why OpenDOS is not free
posted by jhall 30/Sep/99
Again, I'm cleaning up my files, and I uncovered this one: an article explaining a few points why Caldera's OpenDOS (DR-DOS) is not really free.

A history of DOS
posted by jhall 30/Sep/99
I am cleaning up some files I was hanging onto, and I came across this- a history of the DOS operating system. Thought I'd post it for a bit of nostalgia.

Maintainers list has moved!
posted by jhall 30/Sep/99
I have moved the FreeDOS maintainers list from my personal site to a new Software page on the FreeDOS web page. Same LSM files, new look. I'm trying to centralize stuff onto the FreeDOS web site, where possible. It no longer made much sense for me to maintain the maintainers list on my personal site at, and try to maintain a software archive on the FreeDOS site. The submit form is now gone. If you are a maintainer for a program, you can now just email me the LSM entry for the list. Next project in line: adding a program maintainer form, so the archive can keep itself up to date.

Links page has moved
posted by jhall 30/Sep/99
More site cleanup. I have moved the Links page from to For now, you will still be able to access the page from both locations, so your bookmarks will still work. I have also updated the Contact page and the Projects page with the new location.

Updated the Projects and Contacts pages
posted by jhall 27/Sep/99
More in the line of updating the FreeDOS web site, I have moved some of the links from the Contact page to the Projects page. These were the DOS projects anyway, so it made sense to move them under Projects so people could find them.

Updated the Links page
posted by jhall 27/Sep/99
I have updated the Links page, to help organize it a bit better. I have also added the Crynwr packet driver collection to the list.

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