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Shogo News
The Shogo Programming Team
When we see mindblowing new 3D effects in Shogo, when the Level Designers get happy when a requested feature is added magically to the LithTech world editor, and when the game runs at an even faster framerate, we have the Shogo programmers to thank for it! Take a peek at what they are working on...

Kevin Stephens is working on finishing up texture-specific bullet holes & sounds right now... along with a million other things! Kev has proven his dedication to Shogo by adding awesome features and making sure everything he does kicks mucho ass. Take a look at a sample of what he's working on, and we are sure you will agree - could anyone be more Money?

Bullet Holes
Click to enlarge

Bill is stayin' busy with the in-game menus, the interface, load screens, and many other important game tasks... Many times these features are left for the last minute, but in Shogo we are making sure the game is very well polished and easy to navigate (take a look at a small sample below!)

A sample menu shot
Click to enlarge

Mike Dussault is the mastermind behind LithTech, the 3D engine that Shogo uses. He is always striving to add something new and amazingly cool to LithTech, take a look at these shots of a new LithTech engine effect called Displacement Mapping... (you think it looks cool now, see it in the engine!)

Displacement Mapping
Click to enlarge

The other LithTech mastermind is known as Brad Pendleton. He is working on Shogo's networking, the LithTech Editor, the LithTech Model Editor, and many more top-secret tasks. Don't believe us? Check out a shot of ModelEdit in action below.

Click to enlarge

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