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About Napster It's Here!!

Napster v2.0 is now available! Download it now and join the internet music revolution!

Welcome to Napster, the future of music. Napster is the best search engine available, and the best way for users to find and download MP3s. By creating a virtual community, Napster ensures a vast collection of MP3s for download. Napster also eliminates the problems of conventional FTP transferring by using cutting-edge technology to ensure the completion of each MP3 transfer.

napster features include:

  • Advanced Search System
  • : Search every library online for songs - you can specify the minimum ping times, bitrates and frequency. All results are pinged to allow you to find the fastest site. The search is realtime, so the list of available songs you receive is reliable every time. Never again deal with tied up sites. If you cannot access the song, it simply does not show up in the results.

  • Chat System
  • : The easy-to-use napster interface allows users to chat with each other in a number of different forums based on music genre.

  • Audio Player
  • : Your choice of the internal napster player or an external MP3 player of your choice, making napster the most complete MP3 product on the market.

  • HotList
  • : napster's hotlist allows users to keep track of their favorite MP3 libraries. The hotlist notifies users as to when their favourite libraries are online and accessible.

  • Playlist
  • : The playlist helps users maintain and manipulate MP3 playlists, so users can pick the order in which they wish to hear songs in their library.

  • Feedback
  • : napster contains a built-in form for submitting bugs, suggestions and comments. napster's feedback provides the staff with an immediate way to realize concerns associated with the software.

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