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The Shogo Level Design Team

Craig... Nathan... Todd... Wes... four names that describe pure level design power in every way! When you are adventuring through Shogo, the environments that you will explore are all carefully planned and developed by the game's level designers. When a shock trooper pops around a corner and fires a LAW rocket at you, thank (or curse) the level desigers! Anyway, it's time to meet the team and see some shots of what they are currently working on...

Craig Hubbard has meticulously put together many a magnificent Shogo level, all the while doubling as Shogo's lead game designer. We found him having some fun with the assault rifle (particularly the zoom scope) as he maims and kills a hapless Shock Trooper:

Shock Trooper Pain
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Shock Trooper Hurtin
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Shock Trooper Dead
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