2BWIZU98 Results

2BWIZU98 Results!

...finally! Apologies (especially to the ever vigilant Karen) for the late delivery of these 2BWizU98 results.

And apologies to Karen, all the organizers at Heidelberg and most importantly the players that were forced to choose between two very fun tournaments. It's just that there are not many 3-day week-ends in the summer... but we need to do something as European players because conflicts like this are not good for anyone and now it appears that after Rimini, Milano, Rotterdam, Geneva/Heidelberg there are not that many big tournaments for the rest of the summer... Would I be too off the market if I suggest we pace ourselves? the summer is long after all. But somehow, taking it easy and slow is not really in the personality of ultimate players... Anyway, this is the end of my (Julian's) comments here. On with 2BWizU news:

I have included commentary from Tanya @ Budapest (without even asking her: I hope you don't flame me chaaaAaampette!) because I think it's the best description i've heard and from a non-Wiz person at that:

The only hitch was the hour of sideways rain and terrible winds on sunday afternoon, but hey - it wasn't during my game! I was snug under the tent enjoying some BBQ'd sausages and hamburgers. Yum. There was even gatorade! How they topped their fame of good gift giving I don't know, but we all got way-cool maglites with the 2B WIZ U logo. Not too shabby...

The fields are the nicest I've played on (long grass, not kept short like most soccer fields), the whole entire team and their wives/husbands/friends/brothers/etc. get into helping. The boat party was (again) great. almost everyone came decked out as some kind of alien in going with the "wiZ Files" theme. The infamous Antoine and Jerome went overboard (costume-wize and literally into the lake) as slee-stack lookalikes all painted in green scales. They were only in their little undies... it was so cute.

1. Cota Rica
2. Groove
3. Flying Angels Bern (FAB)
4. Disconnection
5. xlr8rs
6. Zurich Ultimate Flyers (ZUF)
7. Wunderteam
8. Feldrenner (they were in Heidelberg too?)
9. Flying Circus
10. G-force
11. Wiz (Wiz Wuz Wiz U)
12. La Fotta-mixed
13. Freespeed
14. Salutami'ntonio
15. Maultaschen
16. Disc Club Panthers
17. Monkey Foo

spirit : Monkey Foo

1. Swiss Mix
2. Wilde Gazongas
3. Yahoo
4. Sorcieres
5. Tequila Boom Boom
6. pick-up

spirit Swiss Mix

beer race: Elephanten Beer
party: Freespeed

Teams most faithful 2BWizU:
1. Tequila
2. Swiss Mix

1. Cota Rica
2 ex-aequo. FAB, FSL, ZUF
5. Disconnection

Players most faithfully wiz us:
1. Johannes (Groove) he brought with him: knife, board, condom holder, trashbag, bottle label (framed), cup, and the trophy (wooden disc) of the pin button edition. Left the clock at home (too fragile) and the first edition's T-shirt

2. Jumpi (Cota Rica), who wore the t-shirt of the first edition for the final, and scored the winning point!

3. Ralf from Disconnection