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Have you ever wanted to use many scripts found around the Internet but don't have access to CGI? This is your chance to use those scripts, absolutely free! Hosted Scripts is one of the leading free CGI hosting companies with 4394 members! We offer a variety of scripts available for your use on your web site.

Message Board FFAL Page
Message board where users can posts messages and interact with each other. Script that allows users to add their own link to your list of links.

Mailing List Recommender
Run your own mailing list to send out letters to people subscribed to your list. Allow people visiting your web site to recommend it to others through a simple form.

Random Link Form Mailer
Allows a user to click a link and be directed to a random destination. Utilize forms on your homepage and receive feedback from your visitors.

Jump Box ChatBoard
Make a drop down list and redirect to a page depending upon the selection from it. Similar to a message board, this script allows you to read all of the discussions on one page.

Anti-Spam! Spam Protect
Fight back against spammers by adding fake email addresses to their lists through a simple link. Protect your email address from spammers who attempt to harvest email addresses from the web.

Polls More Coming!
Run a poll on your web site through to get your visitors opinions. We are continually adding more scripts every week. Check below for our scripts that will be coming out soon!

Coming Soon..
These scripts will be added in the near future here at Hosted Scripts. Our goal is to release one script every week!

Guestbook Text Counter
Let visitors leave comments in your guestbook! This is an actual text counter that will work on your web site - not a graphic!

Site Search Password Protection
Allow your visitors to search through your web site through a simple form. Ever wanted to restict access to parts of your web site? Now you can!

Download Tracker More Coming!
Track how many times a particular file has been downloaded from your web site. We are always adding more and more scripts! If you have a suggestion for one, just contact us.

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