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Thanks for stopping by my little area of the 'net. Here you'll find reviews of books that I've read recently, or perhaps the occasional book that I consider a classic.
Most of what you'll find here are tales of fantasy, filled with dragons and magic, because that's what most interests me. Occasionally you may come across a science fiction or horror tale if I've read a good one lately.
See a book here you think you'd like to read? All of them are available through this site. I run this shop in conjunction with Amazon.com. They'll be handling all the details. I'm just here for your convenience, and perhaps to point you in the right direction. This site should be updated with new books regularly, so be sure to bookmark it and visit again.
Know of a book that you think belongs on this page? Are you a writer who would like your book reviewed here? If so, email me and let me know about it.

With this update (7/26/99) I've added reviews of Kim Headlee's Arthurian Fantasy "Dawnflight" and Jane Jensen's apocalyptic science fiction novel "Millennium Rising," both scheduled to be released later this year. I've also reviewed Terry Pratchett's "The Last Continent." On the suggestion of a couple of regular visitors to the site, I've also started including more information with each review. This includes publisher, ISBN, publication date and format. I'm a bit reluctant to post prices, as Amazon is prone to change them occasionally.

Featured Books:

Dawnflight: The Legend of Guinevere
by Kim Headlee

Millennium Rising
by Jane Jensen

The Last Continent
by Terry Pratchett

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
by Terry Brooks

Soul of the Fire
by Terry Goodkind

Tough Guide to Fantasyland
by Diana Wynne Jones

Pawn of Prophecy
by David Eddings

Prince of Dogs
by Kate Elliot

by Clive Barker

For more reviews visit the Bookwyrm Archives, which features all the past reviews.

If you're a writer, visitBookwyrm for Writers, where you'll find information on books and inspiration for writers.

The Stack:
As any avid reader knows, the contents and order of the stack are likely to change at my whim or upon my next trip to the bookstore. But I hope this will at least give you an idea of what to look for in upcoming updates. Here's what's waiting to be read or, in some cases, re-read. I've also recently gotten a little nostalgic. I've picked up some classics that I either missed or haven't read in a long time, so you'll be seeing a few of those pop up here and there.

Luck in the Shadows by Lynn Flewelling
Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin
The Legend of Deathwalker by David Gemmell
The Books of Blood, Vol. I-III by Clive Barker
Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb
Heir to the Shadows by Anne Bishop
The Demon Spirit by R.A. Salvatore
Enders Game by Orson Scott Card
The King of Elfland's Daughter by Lord Dunsany
Dragon Lord by David Drake
Waylander by David Gemmell
The Dragon and the Unicorn by A.A. Attanasio

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