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Sea kayak plans and kits for do-it-yourself builders

I offer plans and have kits available for all my wooden kayak designs so you can build your own kayak. Most of my wood kayak designs are intended to be "strip-built" (otherwise known as "wood-strip" or "cedar-strip"), but I do have a stitch-and-glue design available as well.

Here are some of my kayaks:

The Guillemot Sea Kayak  
Guillemot Play
Guillemot Expedition Single Sea Kayak  
Night Heron Sea Kayak
Little Auk Kayak  
Great Auk Sea Kayak  
Guillemot Double Sea Kayak  
Guillemot Fast Double Sea Kayak

Sea Kayak Plans:



17' x 21" sea kayak suitable for day trips and overnights. This is a fun, fast, and manuverable boat to paddle. Handles rough water easily.


Guillemot "Expedition Single" **Best Selling Plans**

19' x 21" touring sea kayak although designed for extended camping trips, this boat is very popular among people wanting day-boat. The added length gives more stability and tighter tracking than the Guillemot. This is my second favorite design after the the Night Heron.


Guillemot "Play"

16.5' x 22" low volume sea kayak. This boat is fun in waves and surf. The smaller size makes it a good boat for smaller paddlers.


Guillemot "Double"

20' x 28" tandem touring sea kayak. A roomy, comfortable, and stable boat for two paddlers. Gear capacity for a weekend outing.


Guillemot "Fast Double"

25.5' x 21" fast touring tandem sea kayak. What a double for experienced paddlers should be. The narrow width makes this boat comfortable to paddle, and the length makes in stable.


Night Heron **My Favorite Design**

18' x 20" sea kayak suitable for day trips and overnights. This is my latest design and currently my favorite boat to paddle. It is fast and comfortable. Because it is so narrow it does not have a lot of inititial stability, yet it is not scary. The length and fairly hard-chined shape gives it good secondary stability.


Great Auk

17' x 25" touring sea kayak. A comfortable and stable boat for day paddles and extended trips. This is the easiest of my full-size sea kayaks to build.


Little Auk

11' x 28" paddle boat. If you want a kayak, but don't want a big boat, this little kayak is light weight, comfortable and stable. A good boat to explore a small harbor or lake.


Stitch and Glue Guillemot **Free Downloadable Plans**

17' x 21" sea kayak suitable for day trips and overnights. Similar to the Guillemot, but built using plywood and the stitch and glue method. Not as nice a boat as a stripper, but still pretty good.


Sea Kayak Paddle Plans

A feathered, assymetrical wooden sea kayak paddle you can build yourself. A fun project to go along with your strip-built sea kayak or to upgrade your current paddle.


Guillemot "Coastal", Guillemot "Ocean"

Several older designs which have been superceded by the Guillemot. I like the Coastal, but the Guillemot is easier to build.


Plans On The Drawing Board:

I am continually working on new designs. The drawing board shows some of the designs in progress. My latest is the Razor Billed Auk, a fast touring kayak suitable for open water races.

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