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After much rooting around through my collection of Strangled magazines, sleeve notes and other sundry clippings from various rock digests here is a completely in-precise list of...

What - Ever Happened To...?
Where - Are You Going...?
When - All Is Just A Memory.

  • Hugh Cornwell - Guitar and Vocals.
    Qualified Biochemist.
    Worked in Sweden as a research scientist.
    Actor, has appeared along side Bob Hoskins.
    Enviromental/Greenpeace sympathiser.
    Quit the band 1990 - to pursue acting and his solo career?
  • JJ Burnel - Bass Guitar and Vocals.
    Admirer of Yukio Mishima - a Japanese writer.
    Owner of a Fender Precision Bass.
    A Triumph motorcycle fanatic/owner.
    Classically trained guitarist.
    Studied Economics at Hudderfield Polytechnic.
    Cannabalism fetishist (?)
    Karateka - Shidokan, and dojo owner.
  • Dave Greenfield - Keyboards and Vocals.
    A Regia Anglorum member (Saxon battle re-enactment)
    Trivia Quiz and Puzzle freak.
    Studier of the Meta-physical/Occult.
    Interior Decorator (apprenticed)
    Possesses perfect pitch.
  • Jet Black - Drums and Percussion.
    Owner of the Ice Cream Van, used to transport the bands equipment.
    Ex-Jazz drummer.
    Ex-Off Licence owner.
    Real name (allegedly) Brian Duffy.
    Limited edition Mini motorcar named after him.(?)
  • Hans Warmling - Guitar and Keyboards.
    Left The Guildford Stranglers early 1975.
    Credited on 'Strange Little Girl'.
  • John Ellis - Guitar.
    Played with JJ's 'Euroband' in 1979.
    Covered for Hugh at the Rainbow gigs.
    Played with the Vibrators and Peter Gabriel.
    Played as additional guitarist during the '10' tour.
    Becomes full time member of The Stranglers when Hugh leaves.
  • Paul Roberts - Singer.
    Replacement for Hugh.
  • George Melly - Friend.
    Sang on Old Codger, called the Stranglers the 'inheritors of Dada'
  • Phil Daniels - Singer.
    Sang 'Toiler on the Sea' at the Rainbow gigs. (see else where)
    Appeared in 'Quadrophenia'
  • Keith Floyd - Restaurenter and TV Presenter.
    Friend of Hugh from Bristol.
    Wine freak.
    Theme music for 'Floyd on Fish' (BBC TV) includes The Stranglers.
  • Jack in Black - Cartoon persona.
    A 'faninblack' who's adventures appear in Strangled.
    Drawn by Glenn Fabry of 2000AD - Slaine fame.
    Both modelled on JJ Burnel if you ask me.
  • Dagenham Dave - The Original Fan.
    Ex-Ford worker from Manchester.
    Commited suicide by jumping off Tower Bridge - London.
  • Alex Gifford - Saxaphone and Vocals.
    Member of the 'Brass' section for 'Aural Sculpture' etc.
    In the Purple Helmets.
  • Hilary Kops - Trumpet.
    Member of the 'Brass' section for 'Aural Sculpture' etc.
  • Martin Veysey - Trumpet.
    Member of the 'Brass' section for 'Aural Sculpture' etc.
  • Martin Rushent - Producer.
    Responsible for a lot of the early albums.
  • Alan Winstanley - Engineer.
    Responsible for a lot of the early albums.
  • Peter Gabriel - Singer and Musician.
    Friend of Hugh, helped on 'Wolf'.
  • Peter Hammill - Singer.
    Sang 'Tank','Shah Shah' and 'The Raven' at the Rainbow gigs.

  • What...
  • The Guildford Stranglers - The original name.
  • 35 - Price of a bass guitar.
    How much JJ paid Hugh for his Fender Precision.
  • Melody Maker - Music paper (??)
    In which the fateful 'ad' appeared.
  • The Shakespearoes - Assumed Name
    They played under this name in the 70s.
    Also as 'Bingo Nightly and the OAPs.
  • Polyphonic Size - Band.
    From Belgium - artistic input from JJ and Dave.
  • Purple Helmets - Band.
    JJ (and Dave) with John Ellis and Alex Gifford.
  • Aural Quest - Adventure Game.
    Written for the ZX Spectrum.
  • Much Ado About Nothin' - Jet's Book.
    Tells the story of the Nice University 'riot'.
    and the Strangler's imprisonment in a french...
    equivalent of the 'Black Hole of Calcutta'.
  • Strangled - Fanzine.
    Enthuzine, a bi-monthly (sometimes :-) magazine...
    for the followers of the group...
    and the band themselves, to express their...
    feelings, about anything. Produced by...
  • SIS - Stranglers Information Service.
    Just as it says.
    PO BOX 195
    CB4 2QJ
    Always enclose a 'stamped addressed envolope' with enquires.
  • Black - The Colour.
    Goes without saying really...

  • Where...
  • Guildford - Where it all began.
    Location of Jet's Off licence, where the band used to live and rehearse.
    The Star in Guildford is where the band played their first pub gig.
    Shalford Scout Hut in which the band practiced and wrote a lot of the early stuff.
  • Chiddingfold - Semi-detached house.
    The band moved here from Guildford.
  • Blackheath - Manor House.
    Location for the photos on 'Rattus'.
    And the video of 'Midnight Summer Dream'.
  • Hope and Anchor - Public House.
    Venue for the November 1977 'Front Row Festival'
  • Nice University - South of France.
    Location for the infamous 'riot' gig.
    And the subject of Jet's book.

  • When...
  • Pre '74 - ...?!...
    Hugh is in Sweden - Gothenburg Hospital.
    In a band called 'Johnny Sox' with two American draft dodgers and a Swede.
    The band starts to get serious, so they move to London.
    The Yanks quit when the USA declare an amnesty.
    Hugh meets Jet.
    Van driver JJ gives 'hitch-hiking' Hugh a lift.
    Hugh asks JJ to join the band.
    The band move to Chiddingfold.
  • 11th September 1974 - The Date it all began.
    The Guildford Stranglers are registered with The Registrar of Buisiness Names.
  • '74 - '75 - ... just ticking over...
    The Swede leaves the band.
    Hans Warmling joins to replace the Swede.
    Demo tape done, but no interest.
  • '75 - '76 - ...getting there...
    Hans Warmling leaves.
    Hugh, JJ and Jet advertise for a replacement.
    Igor Saxophonich comes and blows...
    and after 3 days gets the elbow.
    Dave's Aunt spots the 'ad'...
    Veteran musician (of 20ish bands) Dave Greenfield auditions.
    Dave is recruited...
    Pub gigs galore.
    Music (venue) agency Albion start to take notice.
    Albion sign up the band.
    They get residencies at the Nashville and Hope and Anchor pubs in London.
  • '76 - '77 - ...go buddy go...
    The band travel in the Ice Cream Van to Wales.
    A second demo tape is recorded
    The Van breaks down on the way back from Wales...
    and has to be pushed through London in time for a gig.
  • 22nd/23rd October 1976 - Patti Smith support slot
    A result of the reputation as being a hard working group...
    they secure the role of supporting act...
    including the above gigs at the Hammersmith Odeon.
  • November '76 - The Signing.
    United Artists take the plunge and sign those MeninBlack.
  • '77 - '80 - ...the reputation grows...
    '77 has the band release their first 2 albums,
    'Rattus' goes into the charts at number 4
    Still desperate to get gigs they play under assumed names.
  • 22nd November 1977 - The Front Row Festival starts.
    Held at the Hope and Anchor pub in London...
    features The Stranglers and...
    amongst others...
    • Dire Straits...
    • Steel Pulse...
    • Tom Robinson Band...
    • XTC...
    • Wilko Johnson Band.
  • 8th/9th November 1979 - Disaster (1)...
    Hugh gets arrested for possesion of Heroin...
    on the way back from a gig in Cardiff.
  • '80 - '81 - ...loadsa weird sh*t going on...
    The whole world appears to be against them...
  • 3rd/4th April 1980 - The Rainbow Gigs.
    Despite Hugh being held 'at her majesty's pleasure',
    the remaining band members, plus a few friends...
    • Ian Dury.
    • Toyah Wilcox.
    • Phil Daniels.
    • Hazel O'Connor.
    still managed to put on a show.
  • 20th June 1980 - Disaster (2)...
    The 'Nice' affair, those wonderful french types...
    take music critisism to new lengths...
    and lock the band up for allegedly starting a riot...
    at Nice University, France.
  • 20th/21st October 1980 - Disaster (3)...
    The band have ALL their equipment nicked in New York
    prior to doing a gig in Washington DC.
    They spend the rest of the tour re-building their backline.
  • ~ 1981 - Triumph (1)...
    The Stranglers get to Number 2 in the
    British Charts with Golden Brown.
    Even my Mum liked it :-)
  • '82 - '85 - Waltzin' Nicely.
    Gigs still being done,
    and the band visit the recording studios again.
  • '86 - 90
  • '91 - 95
  • '96 - Onwards
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