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JAVA Goodies

Calendars, Clocks, and Calculators

Additional Script Categories...

 Days Till 2000? (3/2/99)
     How many?

 Quadratic Equation (12/7/98)
     Internet Explorer Only This does just what it says. Contents in Zip file

 Timezone Buttons (11/22/98)
     This uses your computer's time to figure six other major time zones.

 Calendar and Datebook (11/22/98)
     With one script, you get both. Contents in Zip File

 Today Calendar (11/15/98)
     This script gets the date and posts the current month's calendar. It's a great script.

 Square Root in the Status Bar (11/08/98)
     This figures a square root - and posts the answer in the status bar.

 Loan Amount (11/01/98)
     Great math script. Use this to know what your payments will be before the guy at the bank tells you.

 Digital Clock (10/23/98)
      [Contents in Zip file] It is what it says.

 Slope (10/18/98)
     You give this script four input points and it figures the slope of the line.

 The Areas (4/18/98)
     Need to find an area? This is your script.

 DHTML Clock (4/10/98)
     MSIE 4.0 Required It is what it says - in big blue letters no less.

 Tangent (3/29/98)
     All you triangle fans out there will love this one.

 Sine (3/29/98)

 Cosine (3/29/98)
     Ditto. Ditto.

 Count It! (3/29/98)
     You put in a number and the script counts up to it. Useless - but fun.

 The Pythagorean Theorem  (3/1/98)
     A squared plus B squared equals C squared. This little script will bear me out.

 Circle Circumference (1/4/98)
     This one uses pi. Mmmmmm...pie.

 Parimeter of a Quadrilateral (1/4/98)
     Please have the width and length ready.

 Area of a Quadrilateral (1/4/98)
     Ditto the information - different equation.

 Another Great Science Calculator (12/31/97)
     Enough said.

 Digital Clock (12/27/97)
     Three items displayed - time, AM/PM, date.

 Number of Letters (11/22/97)
     This is basically useless, but fun. You put in a sentence and it counts the number of letters.

 Money Conversion Script (11/22/97)
     Pick from a long list of currencies. The conversion is done for you.

 Area of a Triangle (11/16/97)
     What more needs to be said? Use this to get through that math class.

 Multiple Java Calendar (11/9/97)
     This is a real work. Take a look at all the functions.

 Running Calculator (11/9/97)
     How far - how fast?

 World Clock - Daylight Savings Time (11/1/97)
     Just as it says...

 Circle Calculator (10/26/97)
     This will help a great deal with finding the area and other measurements of a circle.

 Math Check (10/12/97)
     How good are your math skills? This will check you over four levels.

 College Tuition Chooser (10/5/97)
     Choose a college from the money you'll spend.

 The Super Calculator (9/27/97)
     The author claims it's the greatest JS calculator yet! Please note, it will not work on MSIE.

 Percentage Calculator (9/19/97)
     Find the percentage of any number from another.

 Power Calculator (9/19/97)
     Figure the power of any number.

 Solve For X  (9/19/97)
     This one will get you through high school algebra.

 Nautical Calculator
     This is a great script that figures a lot of stuff you're going to need to know next time you take the boat out.

 Celsius to Fahrenheit
     And back again.

 Java Script Clock Fix
     This is a fix for some Java Script Clocks that are displaying the wrong month.

 Click Through Rate Calculator
     This figures the percentage for you.

 Another Calculator
     Enough said.

 Another Calculator
     Enough said twice.

 Graphic Enhanced Calculator
     You have to see this to believe it. You'll need to grab the script and a ton of little graphics to get it to function.

 Another Calculator
     But this one has a PI key.

 Celsius to Farenheit
     That's what it does....

 Date and Time
     This puts up the date and time someone came in to your page.

 Tells Time, Begs You To Stay
     That's what it does.

 Java Alarm Clock
     You tell the script when you want to be alerted. It keeps track of time and a box pops up when it's time.

 Body Mass Calculator
     Are you in good shape? Do you really want to know?

 Simple Calculator(s)
     This can be one large calculator or four small ones. Take a look.

 Your Age in Dog Years

 A great GPA Calculator
     This one recognizes + and -.

Basic Calendar
     This is just what it says.

Entire Year Calendar
     It takes up space, but you get the entire year.

Entire Year Calendar
     This does what the one above does, but it also highlights the current date.

     This displays a calendar-type datebook you can fill in with your appointments.

Entire Year Calendar
     What sets this apart is that every day is a link to a different page.

A Calculator
     Figure out math equations to your heart's content.

Another Clock
     A basic digital clock.

Java Clock
     This is a digital clock that displays the time plus AM or PM inside a small frame.

Click Displays Date and Time
     This script produces a button. Click on it and you get the date and time.

Single Function Calculator
     This will only do one function. You can change what that function is, but it still will only do the one.

Equation Helper
     This script takes just about any equation and solves for "X".

Count Up
     You set the length of time. This script then counts up and displays a message when time's up.

Count Down
     Ditto above, but this one counts down.

Countdown to Page Change
     A timer is set up that changes the page when a pre-determined time is reached.

GPA Calculator
     Figure out your grade right from the Web. This will take your final marks and show you your all-important Grade Point Average.

Conversion Calculator
     This one deals with distances.

Conversion Calculator
     This one deals with weights.

Conversion Calulator
     This one deals with volume measurements.

A Stopwatch
     Nothing fancy. It just counts up until you say stop or reset.

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