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October 12

If one wants to register a domain, one should go to Joker. No, that price, twenty bucks a year, isn't a joke, nor are their any more catches than with InterNIC. And you thought ICANN and de-regulation wouldn't do anything good.
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The Annals of Improbable Research always has fun stuff.
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Metafilter, Dialectized. Slaop muh fro!
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Ah, Peeps, those resilient little birds. This is a neat site on basic Peep science.
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October 11

This is weird. Today, I accidentally typed '' in my browser and ended up at Yahoo. I looked up the domain's owner, but it wasn't Yahoo. is what I was really looking for.
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Find the distance between two American telephone exchanges with the Interoffice Mileage Calculator. Find the distance between any two cities in the world with How Far Is It?. The latter also has a full database of American and Canadian towns, so I know that my hometown is 4864 miles from Athens, Greece, and 768 miles from Athens, Georgia.
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The world's oldest corporation, the Hudson's Bay Company, has a great introduction to its three-hundred seventy years of history on the site. Once hailed as the largest colonial power other than Russia, England, and the U.S., the Bay has generally left furs and is now the Sears of Canada.
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Guido van Rossum's Computer Programming for Everyone scheme is what we should be doing in our schools.
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The Science Behind The X-Files is an awesome site. Rarely updated, but still awesome.
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Any red-blooded American who has taken high school chemistry in the last fifteen years or so, or any red-blooded American who watchs public television, has heard of the august Professor Roald Hoffmann and his World of Chemistry television series. Professor Hoffmann does theoretical chemistry at Cornell, and is a damn cool guy.
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October 10

People who want sex don't have any obstacles. All men know women's bra sizes from outside their dresses. All black guys are extremely well hung. Those are just a few of The Top XXX Clichés of
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The Shmaltz Brewing Company out of San Francisco is the brewer of He'brew, the Chosen Beer. Be sure to try the Sammy Davis, Jr., which is a cocktail of Guinness floating atop He'brew Genesis Ale. L'Chaim!
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Justin Paola's collection of Roman Emperors is the best online resource on Roman emperors, especially as far as images go. Also good is The Imperial Index.
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The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia gives detailed information on all the planets scientists have found outside the solar system. Nerd chic.
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October 9

Those who have read Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon may know about Counterpane They're the company that Neal consulted about the crypto in the book, including the now famous solitaire code.
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Mini-Golf Review tells us where to find the best windminds and clowns' heads on the East Coast. Also kinda neat is the British Minigolf Association.
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Eric Schulman from the Annals of Improbable Research asks, Can Fame Be Measured Quantitatively?.
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Here are a few neat links. V.I.S. Services is the press releases site for the Vatican. ZapZone is really cool. The gimmick is that a Webmaster sets up ZapZone to look like his site, and ZapZone offers free e-mail to the Webmaster's users. Lastly, I really enjoyed Final Fantasy VII, especially the music. Zaphiroth's Final Fantasy VII Site has a great MIDI colleciton.
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This new inforrmational site actually looks like an interesting place to read about all sorts of topics, BUT they told me about through multiple copies of spam. When are companies going to get it? Spam is worse than a telemarketer waking you up at 6am on a Saturday! Oh yeah, they're also destined to fail because they are charging for their information (*cough* *cough*). Good luck infostry!
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October 8

Affinia seems like a cool dot-com. They're making money setting up storefronts from other people, and matching vendors with affiliate sites.
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October 7

The Phone Losers of America have recently been floating a bunch of interesting telephony links. First, there's a great tutorial on How Telephones Work. LincMad Telephone Area Codes & Splits covers the Balkanization of American area codes. And of course, there's the ever-present Pay Phone Directory and the Telephone Prefix Location List. Lastly, those ten codes (e.g. 10-10-220, 10-10-321) are covered at The Ten Project.
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I like the concept of the FYI Image Depository. It's kinda neat to just waste an hour sifting through what people have uploaded. The contents range from fingerpainting to softcore porn.
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This is funny. The Government of Zaire-In-Exile.
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I suppose it was only a matter of time until someone built the Internet Adult Film Database. It's actually pretty funny, you can search by title (sadly, they didn't have an entry for 'Jurassic Pork') or you can search for any specific person. The db will even tell you how many tatoos and piercings each performer has. Wacky stuff.
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Finally, someone sat and wrote down the rules to yelling Shotgun! When I was in high school, only one of my friends had a car and we developed our own intricate set of rules of when you can or can't legally yell Shotgun! and expect to get the front seat. The site is more in depth than anything we ever came up with though.
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For those who like to build things, I enjoyed Build Your Own Boba Fett and Build Your Own Tom Servo, especially the Servo. I have most of the parts, so I'll probably have my very own Servo by Christmas.
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October 6

The Borland Community Museum is jumping on the vintage software bandwagon, releasing some old versions of their compilers.
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Slate did a neat survey of beers, in attempt to get the best beer for one's buck. This should be required material in every American high school. ;)
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BetaNews is an interesting resource. It keeps track of beta releases.

I love the beta testing. I wear my Dr. Solomon's shirt all the time. :)
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NASA scientists are successfully growing heart tissue in bioreactors. Need a kidney? No prob, need a heart? Got one. With tech like this, I should probably take up smoking!
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October 5

I guess that is a gun in your pants and you're not glad to see me...
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Due to the recent truce between the ICANN and NSI, new suffixes may be prevented from ever being allowed or at least delayed. It's a shame, because good URLs are running out fast and domain squatters are making a killing.
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