Morningstar At
The 30th Anniversary Of The
Human Be-In (And Summer Of Love)
October 12, 1997
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco

"May All Roads Lead You Home"

After putting up the first photos from the 30th Anniversary, E-mail brought a most pleasant surprise. Tom sent a couple of pictures from the Morningstar folks who made their way to the Celebration. He added a few comments, which are included below. Just goes to show — there was so much happening, I doubt that anyone saw it all.

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Knowing you're looking for Digger related pictures from the gathering, thought I'd send this one along.

As you can see this is the Morningstar/Digger Band who were located in the center (read heart) of the gathering. Shown giving away Digger bread and M* Apples. —Tom

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This one was taken Friday from the rise by the restrooms to
the left of the stage. We had just arrived from Colorado, and
drove as though guided directly to the site.

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