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What is Lynx and what would I use it for?

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Getting Lynx sources and binaries

The latest release is Lynx version 2.8.2 Some details concerning Lynx 2.8.2 (including new features) are explored on the new release page. Lynx 2.8.2 is distributed under the GNU Public License. The Lynx Source distribution page has links to sites which carry the Lynx source code (SSL/https info here). The LYnx BInary Distribution Outlet (LYBIDO) lists Lynx binaries (.exe's) made available to lynx users.

Of Interest to Lynx Users

Lynx was originally developed at the University of Kansas. In 1995 Lynx 2.4.2 was released under the GNU Public License by UKans, since then it has been maintained and extended by a group of volunteers. More details are in about_lynx.html

Resources for developers, system administrators and web authors


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