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Friday, November 19th, 4:00 PM PST
Pick our editor's brains about all the lastest hardware announcements from Comdex.

My normal work day...

New Testing Policies
Effective Sept 1999

PhotoImpact 5 Demo
How Data Moves Around The Motherboard
Faster Internet Connections
Dream Machine '99!

Holy Guacamole! We just posted more than 100 new reviews! Our reviews database has more than 700 reviews in total! Have you checked 'em out? All of 'em? HA! We thought so! Check out our latest reviews including:

Millennium G400 Max
3D Blaster TNT2
Kingpin: Life of Crime
Castlewood Orb
Abit's BX-6 R2 mobo
Cybermax's Athlon system

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AMD Hits Afterburners | 11.12.99 14:36

Just a month after Intel passed it in sheer clock speed with a 733MHz Pentium III, AMD says it will have a 750MHz Athlon ready for Christmas.

Crack Down On Warez Channel | 11.12.99 15:23

The Business Software Alliance is putting pirates on notice that the IRC is no longer a safe haven for warez.

AMD Takes It Easy | 11.12.99 15:40

That's no Pokemon on your desk--it's a new EasyPC system built on AMD's EasyPC spec.

Toy Companies Embrace Ratings Program | 11.10.99 16:26

The Entertainment Software Ratings board has launched a new campaign aimed at parents who fear their children will be exposed to too much violence in video games.

The Grinch That Caused Outages | 11.09.99 18:18

Just in time for the holiday season, web outages and downed servers have plagued Toys R Us,, and eBay, causing time-outs, missing graphics, and other annoyances that are generally trying the patience of web

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