Readme-file for "Show me / Zeig mal"

Dear readers,

This readme has four parts: an explanation, an apology, technical stuff and information coming out of the book "Show me" or "Zeig mal" as is the German tittle. Before you decide to look at the digital images (and maybe getting mad at me) I'd appreciate if you first read this article. Then you have to decide whether you still want to download these scans, or only the ones that are NOT marked : "non-abpb".

1) Explanation

I have been thinking hard about what to do with the scans I did of the "Show me" book. I have always been propagating that everybody posting at should follow the guidelines as set in the FAQ of this here newsgroup, and I've also thought (still do as a matter of fact) that these were not hard to understand or to interpret. My interpretation has always been that posts made here have to be:

. pictures of boys
. legal in the country where they are posted
. no stiffies or pictures of wieners with a doubtful angle.

Then I came across a book that has excellent pictures, has something to say but no doubt that the posting of a lot of these pictures don't agree with the FAQ: some are not of boys, some contain stiffies and the whole book is about SEX! Well, that's not hard to grasp: this book is published as a sexual education book for kids. Posting only a couple of these pictures would have taken them out of the context of the book, and usually I want to post the whole book if the pictures deserve it.

I'm not "just" a boylover, I happen to love kids. Seeing kids (my nephews and their friends) grow up and go through all these different stages has been a joy to watch over the years. This book is all about helping young children in their understanding of one of the facets of life, sexuality. When I grew up I didn't get any help in this respect, this was not a subject that could be discussed or even mentioned, sex was just something dirty and you'd better not fool around with any of it. This book is from the mid 70's, a time when people started to recognize that children deserved better sexual education: I wish that my parents had been able to "Show me" this book when I was a kid.

These pictures were never intended to be erotic but some people might disagree. In my opinion this book is made in good taste and with a lot of respect and love for the kids. By posting this book I do not intend to start a discussion. Of course reactions are welcome but if you want to download the pictures marked "non-abpb" just to tell me I shouldn't have posted these pictures in the first place, please don't download them but instead ignore them and only get the "approved" ones.

2) Apology

I apologize for (mis-) using to post all pictures from this book. More than half of these scans do not belong here; I do realize that but choose to post them here anyway because this newsgroup is a bit like home to me, and I wouldn't know another newsgroup that is a) accessible to my friends of abpb and b) where I would feel welcome. People that know my posts of the past know that I've always been loyal to the FAQ. I have no intention to post inappropriate material after this book which will be posted in 4 instalments.

I also apologize for posting the pictures with a fake email address. This is because I only want reactions from people that downloaded (and hopefully read) this readme. If you want to communicate with me: feel free to drop a message in my mailbox. I usually respond but don't get mad if I don't: keeping up with the mail is quite a job too. Insulting messages (which I only got a couple in the year and a half that I'm contributing to this newsgroup) will be treated with the respect they deserve.

3) Technical stuff

This book is published as "Zeig Mal" by Peter Hammer Verlag, ISBN 3-87294-301-4. Photography is by Will McBride, born in the USA in 1931. Helga Fleischhauer-Hardt wrote the texts in the book. The captions that go with the pictures are from the children and their parents that are photographed in this book. I'll include the captions in this readme which are send to me by a friend out of the English (American?) version: I noticed that some pictures must be different from the version I have.

This book has 72 pictures of about 47x30 cm (19x12"). Too big for my scanner! I totally dismantled the book in order to have the pages flat on my scanner. About half of the pictures needed to be scanned in four parts, the other half in two parts. These parts I had to glue together again with Photoshop, hiding the seams is quite hard but also a sport to do as well as I could. Please know this is quite a job, never before did one book take me so much time to complete. The quality of the print is not very good, a lot of pictures are very grainy and to get rid of that was even more work. I'm very pleased with the results on the average which (I admit) influenced my decision to post these in abpb.

4a) Prolog to "Show Me" by Helga Fleischhauer-Hardt

We have made this book for children and parents. In their hands it can be an aid to sexual enlightenment. But above all we hope it will show parents that natural sexuality develops only when children are surrounded from birth onwards by a loving family and environment which does not repress sexuality. We don't believe a child will have "found the answer" to sex simply by looking at the pictures in this book. A good understanding requires rather a continuing exchange between parent and child, a dialogue which helps the child express his questions and problems concerning sex and resolve them. The photographic part of this book is meant as a taking-off point for parents. Internal bodily processes such as conception and pregnancy as well as anatomical facts should be presented to the child in simple words by the parents themselves. The text at the end of the book makes suggestions for this purpose. It gives parents basic information on the development of sexuality and sex education. We are of the opinion that only an explicit and realistic presentation of sex can spare children fear and guilt feelings related to sexuality. For this reason we chose photography as a medium. With much care and under great difficulty we succeeded in photographing the children in such a way that their natural behavior came through. We thank the children and their parents for their help in putting together the photographs. The captions for the pictures are gathered from their spontaneous comments. We hope this book will serve parents and children as a source of information and guide them toward a happy sexuality marked by love, tenderness, and responsibility.

4b) Captions


01 [boy] Boy, am I glad! I finally got it straight. [girl] Me too.

02 [boy] See, horses have udders, and then bees come from flowers...or something like that.

03 [girl] No, that's not RIGHT, I don't believe it.

04 [boy] Well, ONE THING I KNOW FOR SURE --- I've got a belly button, and so do YOU.

05 [boy] But I've got a PENIS and YOU don't. [girl] SO WHAT? I've got a

06 VAGINA instead! Your penis is out where you can see it, but you don't see my vagina,

07 'cause it's inside. So now we know something more. [girl] Isn't that great? [boy] YES!

08 [boy] My mother's got a new baby. I'm really jealous, but I know babies

09 have to be cuddled a lot. [girl] Everybody knows THAT! [boy] Look at him open

10 his mouth! The way he's screaming, you'd think he was STARVING.

11 Now He's finally FULL. Boy, he sure has a great FILLING STATION.

12 What about me? Nobody loves ME any more. I don't like babies. I HATE all babies! A lot!

13 [Toddler] My Mommy has the most fantastic breasts. [girl] I think this is SILLY, I don't want

14 [girl] to see ANY MORE of it, I'VE had enough of all these naked people.

15 [boy] WHAT, I've got to HOLD the baby too? Me of all people,

16 the baby hater. I'd much rather suck my thumb. You know, I was the best baby of all.

17 Hey Daddy, I'm a lot stronger than you! Watch out, or I'll kill you!

18 And then I'll marry Mommy.

19 [granddad] Well, I think people start worrying about sex much too early these days.

20 [grandmother] And much too much. [parent] And what they show kids TODAY!!

21 [girl] YICHH, he puts his finger in his butt. [boy] I do LIKE it.

22 [girl] I think my VULVA'S much nicer than your PENIS.

23 [boy] Well, I can PEE A LOT FARTHER than you with my penis.

24 [girl] But EVERYBODY has to POOP the same.

25 [girl] LOOK WHAT I CAN SEE. [toddler] But I don't want to see it any more.

26 [boy] When my penis is stiff it FEELS GREAT. [girl] Really?

27 [boy] Show me yours and I'll show you mine. I'd like to know

28 when I'll get hair down there like Daddy, and when my PENIS will be as big

29 as my Dad's. That's what I'd like to know. Maybe when I'M GROWN UP?

30 [girl] MOMMY, what are those girls doing? [mommy] The girls are hugging

31 each other because they like each other. [girl] One of them has big BREASTS

32 and the other has small ones. Will I have big breasts or small ones? [mommy] Every woman's

33 breasts are different. [boy] When I touch your breasts my penis gets all stiff. Whenever I see

34 girl's breasts I become HAPPY and EXCITED.

35 [girl] It's fun holding on to your penis. [boy] I think it's FUN too.

36 [little girl] I think all those pictures of naked people are DUMB. I'd like to have a baby. I think it

37 would be just great. But when you're grown up and so am I and you put your penis in my VAGINA,

38 well, I don't think that's very nice. YICHH, look at those two

39 FUMBLING AROUND with each other again.

40 [girl] but I think it's NICE how they touch each other, that's part of being lovers.

41 My older sister told me that sometimes she rubs inside her VULVA on her

42 CLITORIS and thinks about nice things, and then she gets excited and has an or...

43 she has an ORGASM then. That's BEAUTIFUL.

44 [boy] Sometimes my brother rubs on his penis really fast, and then SEMEN comes out.

45 He calls it MASTURBATING, and he says it feels great.

46 [boy] One time I watched him and his girlfriend MAKING LOVE.

47 First he looked at her really excited, then he kissed her fingers. And then she kissed him

48 on the mouth. [granddad] Obscene. [girl] OBSCENE. [boy] Then he

49 licked her nipple. [granddad] Disgusting. [girl] DISGUSTING.

50 [boy] Then she took his penis in her hand... [granddad] This has got to STOP!

51 [boy] What an old Crab! And just 'cause those two are in love and are making out with each other, and because she's

52 kissing his penis. It doesn't make sense to me. They do LOVE each other a lot, and I think

53 it's WONDERFUL: the way they lie SO CLOSE and

54 hold each other tight, and bend this way and that together. When I'm grown up I want to do it too.

55 Everything FITS TOGETHER. [toddler] MOMMY, look

56 what those two are doing. [mommy] That's right, darling, they're in love with each other, so they're sleeping together.

57 [girl] Mommy, I'm sort of SCARED. I don't WANT one of those things

58 sticking in my vagina. [mommy] There's no need to be scared. People don't sleep together like that

59 until they're older. Now he's real deep inside and his semen's flowing into her vagina.


61 [granddad] DREADFUL, the things they tell children these days.

62 [toddler] Boy, is she FAT. She must be expecting a baby.

63 NOW the baby's coming. She looks so FRIGHTENED.

64 She's screaming so hard, does it hurt, Mommy? [mommy] Of course it hurts, because her vagina

65 has to stretch all the way open so the baby can get out. But pretty soon it's all over...

66 There he is. He's crying because inside it was all warm and soft and outside it's so cold.

67 The baby's come, it doean't hurt at all any more. The mother's VERY HAPPY.


69 [boy] A whole new life has started and the baby has a mother and a father

70 he can rely on, and THAT'S THE MAIN THING.

71 [boy] If you ask me...when I grow up I want to be a FATHER.

72 [girl] And I WANT TO BE A MOTHER.

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