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 FlixFinder:        Tips Sunday, November 28, 1999
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Rent Payback on DVD - Mel Gibson Payback

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Enjoy the other antiheroes in our Crime Time Collection!

Rent A Civil Action on DVD - John Travolta A Civil Action

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Order more legal thrills with A Few Good Men, Presumed Innocent and The Rainmaker!

Rent Elizabeth on DVD - Cate Blanchett Elizabeth

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Show fealty to the crown -- and rent's Royal Dramas!

Rent A Simple Plan on DVD - Billy Bob Thornton A Simple Plan

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See the Collection Small Town Secrets for more crime in the countryside.

Queue It Up!
Queue It Up: Zero Effect Bill Pullman is a shy Sherlock, and Ben Stiller is a world-weary Watson in Zero Effect -- a hilarious combination of whodunit, comedy and romance.
Mr. DVD Recommends
Mr. DVD! Killers, cynics, the dark side of politics -- all this and more in the newest edition of Mr. DVD Recommends!
Editors' Choice: His and Hers Crooked Cops
Want more top picks? We'll digitally dispatch our favorites to your inbox every Saturday. Sign up now!

Rent Snake Eyes on DVD - Nicolas Cage Snake Eyes

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For more long, crooked arm of the law flix, try Corruptor and L.A. Confidential.

Rent Out of Sight on DVD - George Clooney Out of Sight

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Love and law is also the theme in Practical Magic and X-Files, The Movie. Collections
Grim 'n' Gritty Flix
Rent Payback on DVD Payback is exactly what pro thief Mel Gibson is after in this lean, mean crime tale. After a big job, Mel's partners rip him off and leave him for dead. But Mel survives -- and now his partners are in for some hard schooling. Full of retro cool and packed with twists, Payback is a rock-'em, sock-'em tale of revenge and honor among thieves.

Our Grim 'n' Gritty Flix Collection has more lowdown drama and cool crime!

Love Stories
Rent Message in a Bottle on DVD Message in a Bottle is an old-fashioned tearjerker brimming with heartbreak and hope. A newspaper researcher (Robin Wright Penn) finds a letter in a bottle, from a shipbuilder (Kevin Costner) who writes missives to his dead wife. Penn goes looking for Costner, hoping to find a story -- but she ends up falling for him. Can Costner let go of the past and build a future with Penn?

Want romances? We have 'em -- try the rest of our Love Stories Collection!

For more featured movies based on interesting themes, go to Collections.

Kevin Bacon in Wild Things Bacon Feast
For high-protein entertainment, try Wild Things, Apollo 13, Animal House and A Few Good Men.
Go! The Envelope, Please
By 1930, the Unique and Artistic Picture Oscar was toast -- but we've revived it. Check out our picks for the best and brightest films in recent history.

Dodge This! DVD Home Theater Guide
Our DVD Home Theater Guide is the very best resource for products and information about DVD.

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