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Visit the Economic Globalization page for more information and to view other ads in this series.

This is ad number eleven in a series of ads running weekly in The New York Times. As the ads run, they will be posted on this website in PDF format for viewing.

Welcome to the Turning Point Project

The Turning Point Project is a new non-profit organization, formed in 1999 specifically to design and produce a series of educational advertisements concerning the major issues of the new millennium. The ads will appear in The New York Times and, funds permitting, other newspapers through spring of 2000. The issues discussed are those that will be crucial in determining the quality of life on Earth in the near and distant future. Despite this, they have not been given the in-depth coverage in the major media that they deserve.

Signers of the ads are part of a coalition of more than 50 non-profit organizations that favor democratic, localized, and ecologically sustainable alternatives to current practices and policies.

Watch for more ads!
The current ad series concern the effects of economic globalization. Other series discuss: the extinction crisis, genetic engineering, industrial agriculture, and megatechnology. Watch The New York Times or return to this site to view a different ad approximately each week. The Turning Point Project's advertising campaign will extend well into the year 2000.

What can you do?
The Turning Point Project
310 D Street NE
Washington, DC 20002

Key Personnel
Project Coordinators
Miyoko Sakashita
Amy Bricker

Board of Directors
Andrew Kimbrell, President (International Center for Technology Assessment)
Jerry Mander (International Forum on Globalization)
Joseph Mendelson (International Center for Technology Assessment)
Randy Hayes (Rainforest Action Network)
Anuradha Mittal (Food First / Institute for Food and Development Policy)

Website Development
Michael Almond (Public Media Center)
Amy Bricker ( Turning Point Project )
A. Lee and M. Lee (Webmasters)
Miyoko Sakashita ( Turning Point Project )

The Turning Point Project
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