Vibration Diagnosis Software for Automobile and Truck Technicians

Vibrate Software Products are now available through:
Vibrate Software - 1-801-737-2528 - Model V34,
  1-800-345-2233 - Model J 38792-VS, 
and  1-800-768-8632 - Model 215-00003

 1999 Help file updates for Vibrate 3.0 (Windows 3.1x) and Vibrate 4.0 (Windows 9x, and NT) are now available for download in the Registered Owner's Area.

Vibrate Software
2833 North 200 West
North Ogden, UT 84414
Voice: 1-801-737-2528
FAX:  1-801-737-2529
What's New at Vibrate Software?

07/29/99 The Vibrate Software web site is now being hosted by a new domain server.  This will allow us to include new features and options on our web site in the near future.  Check back soon to see our new look!

07/23/99 Upgrade Letters were mailed to existing Vibrate 3.0 owners notifying them of a special price to upgrade to Vibrate 4.0 for Windows 9x and NT.  This notification is due to the fact that the Windows 3.1x based Ford SBTS PC will not be used in the year 2000 and beyond.

02/08/99 Rotunda is now a distributor of the Vibrate Software CD.  This CD includes Vibrate 4.0 for Windows 95, 98, and NT, and Vibrate 3.0 for Windows 3.1x  Call 1-800-768-8632 and order part number 215-00003.

2/3/99 Help File and program updates for the 1999 model year are complete.   The Help file update includes a new 1992-1999 Ford car and truck section along with 1999 updates for Chrysler, GM, Nissan, Toyota and MD/HD Trucks.  Registered owners may click here to download.


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