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MIDI albums change monthly. All tracks in the albums are from my personal collection of songs which I sequenced and added my own arrangements. I hope you enjoy the music.

Album of the Month

Hope you enjoy this month's collection of my arrangements.
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We Built This City On Rock 'N Roll

Smooth Criminal

Real Love

Rockin' Me*


Free As A Bird

Ebony And Ivory

Inside Out

What Is Love

Lyin' Eyes*

James Bond Medley

Every Little Step

God Bless The USA

"Free As A Bird" - with Vocal (RealAudio MIDI Music)

"Real Love" - with Vocal (RealAudio MIDI Music)

*Arrangement by Gordon von Rentzell & Phil Smith. All other arrangements by Phil Smith

Karaoke MIDIs
Lyrics and Music


"Dream A Little Dream of Me"

"2 Become 1"

"Lyin' Eyes"

"Real Love"

"Free As A Bird"

All arrangements by Phil Smith

These high quality MIDI files sound best when played on a sound card that supports "wave-table" technology. Use SoundBlaster Live, SoundBlaster 64, SoundBlaster 32 or WaveBlaster from Creative Labs for some the best sound quality available for your PC.

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