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Blood 2 Revelations Update
Peter Hopkins from Tequila Software, sent us the following development update for their upcoming Blood 2 Mission Pack, Revelations. This update also includes a screenshot of the Revelations launcher front end.

Revelations is going very well, 75% of level design is now complete, with levels ranging from Temples, a warehouse, a train ride, a train yard, the city streets and many others.

There are lots of original ideas and huge scripted parts in it, Cultists being thrown through windows by Shikaris, Zealots surprise attacking you, walls caving in.

In revelations we have tried to re-capture the Blood 1 feel (with darkness and the element of surprise) but set in Blood 2 times, Here at Tequila we want to immerse the player into a world which is not only visually captivating, but also involves the player with what is actually going on in the surroundings, we also want people to feel emotions including fright and surprise.

The coding is also near completion (including the Revelations launcher, front end ) but a few bugs are being ironed out at present.

To learn more about Tequila Software's Blood 2: Revelations, visit their official Web site located at
Reported By: John Bergerud Posted At: 11:17 am CST - Monday, April 26, 1999

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