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  Hyperion Software Interview

AE: What's the status on SHOGO and Heretic 2?

HS: Shogo turned out to be a bit more work than we originally thought. But, just today, we finished the standalone server. This means now an Amiga can host internet multiplayer games. For us, this is a major step forward, about half the work is done with that. Heretic 2, on the other hand, is progressing at tremendous speed. In addition to the progress report on our webpage, we can now tell that the client part is also on track. We've even had our first 3d view just yesterday.

AE: Are there any delays in the development (since you've taken on two more titles since SHOGO)?

HS: No, although Shogo is a very demanding project. It's DirectX based, so the programmers had to learn about Windows programming, too (and they didn't like it :)

AE: Do you have any benchmarks for any of the projects?

HS: No, not yet. But I can tell that, for the standalone servers, a m68k will be enough to host a networked game. This will come in handy for people having an old Amiga in addition to a newer, PPC base machine. They can use the 68k machine as a server.

AE: Will other companies/developers be able to use the smacker codec for their own projects?

HS: Right now, we are the only company that has a license for it. The license is commercial, meaning it can't be used without a licensing fee, and must be licensed from RAD.

AE: Will both Shogo and H2 support LAN/Internet gaming?

HS: Yes.

AE: Do you have any other games planned?

HS: Certainly. Stay tuned, we have more good stuff on the way.

AE: Will the conversions of Shogo and H2 be like Clickboom's Quake conversion and support all the PC levels, mods etc?

HS: Levels are no problem (for both games), but Mods have to be recompiled, so the source code must be available.

AE: What do you think about the path Amiga Inc is taking at the moment?

HS: The decision not to make own hardware was very disappointing but all indications are that the Amiga OE is still on track and that hardware will be produced by third parties. Overall, we are adopting a wait and see attitude although we are hard at work behind the scenes to get things moving in the direction we want them to.

AE: And finally, what do you think about the Phoenix/AQUA stuff?

HS: It's an interesting idea and many people support it. Question is: will it be able to expand the current market again? This remains to be seen. Moreover, for us it represents a real legal nightmare: we can't support QNX because our licenses only cover "Amiga". Without the brandname "Amiga" we are legally not allowed to release our games for Aqua.