What is AIBrain?   (FAQ)

Officially: A program that will learn and respond using text input and output.
Realistically: A program that doesn't do anything too cool by itself....yet.

A fake interview (humour) with the author, Rick Harker.

Q: Why would someone [like you] want to make an artificial intelligence?
    A: To be the first to make a real one.
    A: For status.
    A: For company. (I figure a real AI could be more intelligent than some girls I've dated!)
    A: Just to do it.
    A: To lean more about ourselves.
    A: For money.

Q: What progress have you made?
    A: Not too much. I've built several grammar parsers that let AIBrain double talk; a few variations on word databases (and how slow it is to learn 50,000+ words!).

Q: What have you learned?
    A: I have learned a great deal about human languages, especially English and all of its quirks.

Q: Do you have any pet iguanas?
    A: No.

Q: What are you currently working on?
    A: I am trying to combine the macro language I developed into the grammar/learning system. This should allow AIBrain to program itself based upon new information. Theoretically I think AIBrain could learn another language other than English -it just has to learn the new word patterns.
Q: When did you start working on this program?
    A: I started on parts of it back in the spring of 1995.

Q: How many hours each day do you spend on this program?
    A: I don't know. I get dizzy when the sun keeps spinning through the sky like that.

Q: May I ask a question?
    A: You just did.

Q: Okay, then can I ask you another question after this one?
    A: Yes.

Q: So what is your theory behind your program? Why do you think you will succeed when others haven't?
    A: Hey, that's two questions! Oh well. My idea is that since language comes from intelligence, it might be possible to simulate intelligence using language. Kinda like a mirror effect, except that mirror isn't quite the correct word.
    A: Because I have a different perspective on life than most people. (And I'm a genius, hehe.)

Q: When will the rest of the world see a working version of your program?
    A: I don't know. Maybe 1/2 a year, ten years, or never...I don't know.

Q: What popular personality do you compare to?
    A: Dave Barry. That newspaper funny guy.

Q: Wh@]]
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