"If you don't like the way the Atlanta Braves are playing then you don't like baseball." - Chuck Tanner
This is a comprehensive list of managers for the Braves organization dating back to their first year in 1966.

Braves Managers

In Chronological Order
Year(s) Name
1966 Bobby Bragan
1966-1967 Billy Hitchcock
1967 Ken Silvestri
1968-1972 Lum Harris
1972-1974 Eddie Mathews
1974-1975 Clyde King
1975 Connie Ryan
1976-1977 Dave Bristol
1977 Ted Turner
1978-1981 Bobby Cox
1982-1984 Joe Torre
1985 Eddie Haas
1985 Bobby Wine
1986-1988 Chuck Tanner
1988-1990 Russ Nixon
1990- Bobby Cox


Fast Facts
Fast Fact 1 The Braves organization was managed by its owner, Ted Turner, for one game in 1977 and the team lost!
Fast Fact 2 In 1993, the Braves had the largest attendance in their history when 3,884,725 fans attended games!
Fast Fact 3 The Braves are the National League team of the decade for the nineties thanks to seven first place finishes in eight years!

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