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Mindport is a global solutions provider of media commerce technologies for pay-TV and the Internet, enabling platform and channel operators to maximise their e-business opportunities.

Mindport has focused on the key areas of the required technology, including software and hardware, and is well placed to integrate them successfully.

The company operates in several focus areas to fulfil your requirements:

Conditional Access and Set-top Boxes
Customer Care and Billing
Interactive Set-top Box Operating Systems
System Integration and Consultancy
Content Management Systems
Broadband Internet Systems


Press releases

17 February 200 - XACCT and Mindport IBS to demonstrate IP Network Bill Creation at the IIR IP Network Billing Conference

February 2000 - Irdeto Access launches its first IP multicast security - Applying its years of experience in broadcast security into the Internet arena

18 January 2000 - Mindport Solutions to build DTH and distribution platforms for Hong Kong-based TVB

14 January 2000 - Irdeto Access and Tadiran Scopus offer easy to install and cost-effective end-to-end pay media solutions

15 December 1999 - Mindport and Cisco Announce Integration of Cable Product System Platforms

14 December 1999 - Mindport Introduces End-to-End Convergence solution to North American Cable Market

9 December 1999 - Mindport Inc. CEO Outlines Vision for Open Standards Future of North American Cable Television Market

8 December 1999 - Mindportís Irdeto Accessí Smart Card Centre racks up 4 million enabled cards