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Founded in 1962 to produce furniture for the kibbutz’s own 600 seat synagogue, the factory’s fine craftsmanship was soon sought after by other congregations, leading to the development of an international business.
    Israel’s leading manufacturer of synagogue furnishings

    The world’s largest and most experienced specialist in synagogue furniture, having served over 2,000 congregations across the globe

    A truly international enterprise with containerloads shipped to destinations as diverse as Tahiti, Buenos Aries and Stockholm, Lavi’s furniture has been installed in sites throughout North and South America, Europe, Australia, Russia, Ukraine and Israel. In the U.S. Lavi has done business for over 20 years with projects either installed or underway in multiple location throughout New York , California, New Jersey, Illinois, Georgia, Maryland, Florida and Massachusetts.

    State of the art manufacturing facility featuring the latest in CNC routing, lacquer application and other wood working technology. Besides members of the kibbutz, many recent skilled immigrants have found work in the rapidly expanding production line.

    Shomer Shabbat and religiously observant, the management and staff have a unique appreciation for the inherent Kedusha (holiness) of the work they perform and its ultimate purpose

    U.S. sales office, Mr. Steve Carpey, sales representative. 1800 340-LAVI

We offer a wide selection of seating possibilities - all flexible, modular and functional
Undivided bench pew, continuous upholstery and open book rack
Undivided bench pew, individual seat cushions and backs, open book rack
Self-rising theater seat, armrests and open book rack
Pew with self-rising seats, no armrests and open book rack
Stackable chair with and without armrests, underseat bookrack and connection (Optional)
We deliver and assemble your furniture professionally and efficiently according to your needs
We do not compromise on quality and dependability
On-time delivery
Factory: Israel office email:
U.S. office email:
Or contact Mr. Steve Carpey 1800 340 LAVI (in N. America)
Or answer our questionnaire

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